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Standing on these premier anti-fatigue kitchen mats is the most comfortable you will ever be standing on two feet. Medically proven and ergonomically constructed, these revolutionary anti-fatigue kitchen mats will improve overall health and encourage muscle conditioning and better posture. They also promote proper circulation, decrease back stress and fatigue. The anti-fatigue kitchen mat displace and suspend your body weight on the mats and offer supreme comfort, safety, relief and support wherever you stand. These Kitchen Mats come with a comprehensive 7-Year Residential Warranty as they have been proclaimed to be "Best in Class" for comfort, health and safety.

Kitchen Mats 7 year warranty


  • These kitchen floor mats have proven to be better than competitor products like gel or foam mats as they are made of polyurethane, the gold standard of anti fatigue mats. These are expensive but it also provides exceptional value over time, making it more resilient than any other product in the market.
  • No worries about your mats sliding around making you trip and fall - they have a non-skid bottom and slip resistant top-surface. The 20-degree ADA-compliant beveled edges are guaranteed to never roll up or delaminate and hence prevent tripping and falling.
  • These kitchen mats are environmentally friendly as they are 100% recyclable which means that at the end of the life (which will be more than 7 years) these products can be upcycled to create other valuable products requiring fewer resources, less energy and virtually no waste.
  • Beautiful, and supportive, these Kitchen Mats have a smooth and sleek design and will add a touch of style to any kitchen.
  • Constructed out of 3/4" thick, 100% polyurethane, these kitchen mats will not stain or damage floors - even hardwood and marble.
  • The unique one piece construction ensures that the kitchen mats will not delaminate, will not bubble up, tear, or separate as a result of breaking down of glues or any other bonding agent that is used to join together the pieces.



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  • Anti Fatigue Mats have a tendency to bounce back and retain their form due to their polyurethane construction hence you will enjoy the same comfort even if you stand in the exact same spot for a long time. These mats are also puncture resistant and heat resistant up to 400°
  • Easy to clean with any household cleaner, these kitchen floor mats are stain and dirt resistant
  • Made out of chemical free materials, they are safe, non-toxic and are PVC and BPA free. Hence, they emit no noxious fumes or bad smell.
  • Engineered with natural anti-microbial polyurethane there is no chance of their coating wear off.
  • Ideal for use anywhere like kitchen, vanity room, laundry, garage, work shop - even outside at the barbeque.

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BackingNon-Skid Bottom
Sizes Available3' x 2', 6' x 2', 6' x 3', 5' x 4'

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