Halloween Safety Statistics

Halloween can be a majestic and wonderful time of the year for children and adults alike. A night to explore the depths of your imagination and embrace a world filled with childlike wonder. In fact we know that you have probably outdone yourself with the scream inducing decorations, perhaps bought out entire sections of the candy aisle so no child goes away empty handed. But, aren’t you forgetting something?

There are many aspects of Halloween that can be dangerous, and that is why we decided to dig deeper and find out the real dangers that lurk around on the dark nights of October the 31st. We created the inforgraphic above to give you a better idea on what really to look out for on this day.

In all the fun and festivities it is very important to do everything you can to make this Halloween safe and accident free for you, your home and all those trick-or-treaters coming to your home. Why spoil the fun this Halloween with an accident that could have been so easily prevented. We’ve put together some easy but important home safety tips that you can follow to make your home a safe haven for all those goblins, witches and mummies who come visiting.

1. Remember that fire can be extremely dangerous, especially around all those energetic little kids running around. But it also presents a very helpful hand, lighting to increase visibility.

  • Avoid candles and live flames in your Halloween decorations. It is safer to use LED or battery operated candles.
  • Use glow sticks for an extra special, extra eerie, green and glowing haunted house look.
  • Use flame-resistant, flame-retardant, or non-combustible materials for decorations and costumes.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy. You never know when that carved pumpkin decides to turn into smoking torch. You definitely do not want that as a decor.
  • Test your fire alarms before the night.

2. Jack-o-Lanterns are a holiday staple, but that in no way makes them safe around little kids and even some not so little ones.

  • It is best not to let your children use sharp carving knives. Keep an eye on them while you’re carving. If they insist on helping, let them draw the patterns or poke the flesh in after you are done carving.
  • Use LED or fairy lights inside pumpkins instead of a candle. Unattended Jack-o-Lanterns lit by candles can easily be tipped over by people and cause costumes or other flammable items to catch fire.
  • If you really want to use candles then place it inside a small dish or tuna can to avoid a fire if the candle tips over.
  • If all of this is too much effort, another option could be to forego the pumpkin altogether and get this scary Halloween, “Jack-O-Lantern” doormat instead. No fuss, no muss, and no fear of setting things on fire.

3. With all those lights flickering outside, Electrical safety should become a priority during this time.

  • If using Halloween lights, keep all the electric cables safely out of the way of curious little hands. Check decorations before use. Cracked, frayed, or bare wires may cause electric shocks or start a fire.
  • Check package instructions: If a package of lights says that they’re only for indoor use, don’t use them outside.
  • Read the fog machine directions. Take care when decorating with things you’re not familiar with.

4. You could be liable for injuries occurring on your property. Here are a few ways you can keep the Outside safe.

  • Make sure you leave enough room for people to walk to the door without bumping into decorations.
  • Clear the area around your home. Put away anything that could cause a child, or an adult to trip and take a fall. It would a good time to get rid of that pink flamingo from your yard!
  • Make sure you are winter ready this Halloween to prevent any accidents related to slipping on ice. Use Heated Walkway Mats to provide a warm (literally) and accident free Halloween.
  • Make sure scary props that pop up and scare trick-or-treaters are safe. Use rubber or fake alternatives to the real deal.
  • Pet proof your house for your pets as well as your guests. Keep pets away from the front porch where they might jump on or bite unfamiliar visitors. This way you will also prevent possible allergic reactions to cats or dogs.

5. Ok, you’ve made sure that people have made it safely to the front door. Now what? You also need to ensure that they stay safe in your home while you are busy hosting that spook-tacular Halloween Party!

  • If there are children around, hide all the breakable stuff. Also, make sure there is sufficient light to see, as they may not be familiar with the layout of your home.
  • Offer only commercially-packaged treats to trick-or-treaters.  You are responsible for the safety of your guests so serve non-alcoholic beverages to your older party guests; and, if you are serving alcohol, do not allow it for anyone who is under-age.
  • Make sure that the party games you have planned are safe. If there are going to be some haunted mansion stunts you want to pull, please be careful. Use proper protective gear to save you and your guests’ rear-ends.
  • Prevent slip and fall injuries: Carve your pumpkin on a newspaper. Make sure to dispose of the pumpkin seeds and the slimy innards into a bowl. Clean up after the carving to make sure the floor is not slippery.

We hope that these simple tips can help you have a wonderful and safe Halloween this year. Please share this knowledge with others and create a safe community for all.

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Find The Perfect Doormat for Halloween

Hear ye! Hear ye! It’s that time of year! It’s Halloween!

Halloween Jack-o-LanternsHalloween, celebrated on the night of October 31, has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain. The ancient Gaels believed that on October 31, the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead overlapped and the deceased would come back to life and cause havoc amongst the living.

Over the many years, Halloween has become less about literal ghosts and ghouls; because despite having searched high and low for said boundary between two worlds, there is no sight of it and no deceased trouble makers have been spotted.
We have transitioned Halloween from a pagan ritual to a day of merriment – with parades, trick-or-treating, bonfires, costume parties, visiting “haunted houses” and carving Jack-O-Lanterns. For this one day, we honor the beliefs of the ancient Gaels, by dressing up as deceased trouble makers and scaring the living wits out of other people!

It’s not just the costumes; Halloween is also about decorating your home with terrifying and creepy Halloween decorations. Its the time to get creative and scary and decorate your home with lights, pumpkins, fake skeletons, ghostly sounds, goblins, dry ice and other spooky props to give your guests a truly frightful Halloween experience.

Now, while you are busy decorating your house, lawn and front porch, do not forget to decorate your front door. Adding a few ghoulish touches to your front door and windows will make your house look scary. And, what better way to add that Halloween spirit to your front door than placing a spooky doormat! Check out the doormats we have to add a grim reminder of the scary holiday.

No Costume No Candy Doormat

No Costume No Candy Doormat

No Costume No Candy Doormat

Trick-or-treating is one of the main traditions of Halloween but so is wearing a costume while doing so. What would be the point of asking for candy if you’re not wearing a scary costume? It, for one, does not scare anybody into coughing up treats and secondly it just isn’t in the spirit of Halloween. Use this doormat to let the lazy trick-or-treaters know they will not be entertained at your house and should look elsewhere for their sugar fix. Ardent criminals who do not follow this rule shall be fed alive to the scary and hungry Jack-O-Lantern sneaking around your front lawn!

Jack-O-Lantern Doormat

Jack-O-Lantern Doormat

Jack-O-Lantern Doormat
Talking about scary and hungry Jack-O-Lantern’s, this one is a mean one. This doormat is spooky and will most definitely scare the heebie-jeebies of those trick-or-treaters. If you want to add sound effects to the overall ambiance of your haunted house, use this doormat, and you will hear people screaming as they run away from your house. Double the fun for the price of one. (why go fake, when you can have the real thing!)

Danger Do Not Enter Doormat

Danger Do Not Enter Doormat

Danger Do Not Enter Doormat
Yeah, this is a perfect Halloween warning for your guests! Keep Out! Entering this home is hazardous to health. Crossing this threshold could lead to injury or possible bites from a blood thirsty vampire. Caution: There is danger behind this door. People known to have been living here were switched and now are dangerous body snatchers in cahoots with other similarly dangerous things.. If you do not heed this warning message and you find yourself ‘accidentally’ inside the house you will be doomed to have a spook-tacular Halloween and live to rue the day! If you love your friends – you need to get this doormat!

Scary Ghosts Doormat

'Ghosts' Doormat

‘Ghosts’ Doormat
One Casper is cute and was a nice movie but so many ghosts together on one mat takes it from being cutesy to a marginally scary Halloween prop that will cause your guests to worry. Let your guests know that you take your Halloween very seriously and leave them guessing as to what you have planned for them once they step inside. Either this or it just really shows that you loved the movie “Casper” in which case please feel free to use it all year long.

Bloody Feet Doormat

Bloody Feet Doormat

Bloody Feet Doormat
Scary Halloween Prop Alert! Were these bloody feet going in or coming out? Either ways it’s a cause for concern for all those who show up at your doorstep. Hmmm.. here is an idea, this doormat combined with actual caution tape across your front door.. wouldn’t this make for that extra special ‘heart-attack’ inducing Halloween decoration? Bless those poor souls who dare to enter after all this! (Disclaimer: Coco Mats N More should not be held responsible for any fainting, running, screaming and/or crying from your guests! – Please?)

Bad to the Bone Doormat

Bad to the Bone Doormat

Bad to the Bone Doormat
Aaarrrrr matey shiver me timbers and shake the booties of em guests!!! Ohh yeah! This doormat is definitely going to shake up a few of those guests brave enough cross the front yard and reach your doorstep. This doormat is not only perfect for the Halloween season but you can show off your bad-ass’ness all year long.

Spooky Spider Web Doormat

Spider Web Doormat

Spider Web Doormat
Ewww! This is an icky one! If you haven’t had the time (or the skill) to make spiders and cobwebs for your front door, please go ahead and buy this doormat. Even those without arachnophobia will be suitably scared of that big bug on your doormat. No matter how many times they stomp on it – they are going to get nowhere. Plus, the face they pull on the way in will be the perfect addition to your Halloween look.

Now, if you really do not want to scare people (bless your hearts!) but just want to add a little autumn to your decorating then we have the mats for you too! We believe that no one should be left out this holiday season. Check out our Halloween Doormats for that perfect mat for you.

Happy Scaring to all of you!

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Keeping Your Doormats Clean

How to clean your doormatWe at Coco Mats N More keep saying a few things over and over again. We keep saying how our doormats make your door look pretty. How our mats make your guests feel welcome to your home. And, very importantly, how they are your first line of defense against dirt, mud and other debris from entering your home.

But let’s face it… if your doormat is doing its job right, it would mean that at some point they are going to be steeped with dirt. If you do not clean your doormat from time to time, a grungy and worn out mat is what will welcome your guests. That would be so uncool! Plus, if the mat is that dirty it will defeat the purpose of having a welcome doormat in the first place, because your guests will track in the dirt from the mat into the house along with whatever is there on their shoes.

We also keep saying that doormats are very easy to clean and maintain. But what we do not do is tell you how to go about cleaning your doormats to keep them looking as good as new; and why we say it is so easy. To fix this oversight, we thought we would check out what the experts had to say, gather up all the information and put together a list of easy ways to clean your doormat.

Simple Tips and Tricks for a Clean Doormat

Weekly Shake Down
Make a date once a week to dry dust the doormat. Now, we are going to need significant upper body strength to achieve the optimal doormat shake down! No, we are just messing with you. All you need to do is –

  • Shake your doormat vigorously or beat it against a wall to get rid of all the loose dirt and debris. Of course needless to say it is preferable you do this outside the house.
  • For the more stubborn dirt particles that refused to budge from all the shaking, hang it up, use a stick, a broom or anything else handy and beat out the dirt within an inch of their dear lives.
  • If there is still something that survived, go ahead, find something sharp and scrape out the remaining mud and debris.

Monthly Vacuuming
Find the time once a month to vacuum your doormat to remove dirt that survived the weekly shake down. Vacuuming your doormat regularly will not only keep the doormat clean but will not allow stains forming on them.

Any type of vacuum will do. Just use an attachment that has those bristles in them. This will scrape out all the dirt stuck deep in the mat fibers and help suck it up.

Also, we heard this one useful tip – use the vacuuming time to give your doormat a closer look and make sure it is still in good condition. Don’t worry, if they are not, we do have so many doormat options you can look through.

Washing the Doormats
There are times you find that just dry dusting is not enough to keep that mat looking new and fresh. This would be the time to wash your doormat. It isn’t that difficult really but please read up on what the manufacturer has to say about the washing needs.
Mats with designs use water soluble dyes. Which means washing would run color and your mat will look washed out.

  • Use a solution of hot water and dish soap. With a plastic-bristled scrub brush and soapy water scrub the mat hard making sure the solution is being worked through the entire mat.
  • Rinse the mat with a garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle attachment. This will remove the soapy water and dislodge dirt out of the fibers. Do not forget to wash off the backing.
  • Dry the mat flat or hang it out in the sun to dry. It is advisable not to fold the mat during this time as it is possible it will lose its shape. If it ain’t flat then it ain’t a doormat is it?

Disinfect the Doormat
It is a good idea to disinfect the doormat from time to time. Who know what muck gets cleaned on those things right. All you have to do is -

  • Spray the doormat with a disinfectant spray. Do so after you test the disinfectant on the back of the mat or a small bit on one corner to ensure the spray does not damage the mat.
  • If you do not want to use a store bought disinfectant then try this home remedy: Prepare a solution of 1 part water and 1 part white vinegar. Spray this solution generously on the mat both front and back. White vinegar will kill mold, bacteria and germs, if there are any, on the mat.

We also came across these handy tips and warnings we thought you could use.

1)    Always read your manufacturer’s instructions to know the requirements for cleaning your doormats. We do not want you to wash a doormat that isn’t meant to be washed. If this is the case just follow the weekly and monthly cleaning ritual mentioned above.
2)    You do not want to place your sparkling clean doormat back onto dirt. So, along with disinfecting the doormat, also clean the floor where the doormat was kept to remove any dirt or bacteria that was caught below the mat.
3)    Slow the build-up of dirt on an outdoor mat by providing a floor-mounted boot and shoe scrub brush outside your door. Use the boot and shoe brush to remove larger amounts of stuck-on mud and dirt from shoes before wiping them on the mat.

Happy Cleaning!

After reading all about the cleaning of doormats, if you just realized that you do not in fact have a doormat, there is no need to worry. Head on over to Coco Mats N More and pick up a doormat you like. We have quite a few funny doormats that are sure to tickle the funny bone

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Check out our Custom Cut Coco Mats

We have something new to show you. We at Coco Mats N More understand your need for that perfectly fitted coco mat for your recessed areas. But, we also figured that it can be quite a bother to have to phone in and order a custom size.

So, Coco Mats N More is happy to introduce you to the new “Custom Cut Coco Mats” on our website. And, what’s even better – we have cut the middle man (Figuratively, of course, no humans were harmed while adding the products to our site!).
You can now order for a precision cut, perfectly sized, eco-friendly Coco Mat directly on the site at the click of a mouse; no more hassles of having to call us to place an order or to give your mat measurements. It will save you time and also reduces the chances of us getting the measurements wrong.

These custom cut coir mats are available on Coco Mats N More in 5 different thicknesses – 1/2 inch coco mat, 5/8 inch coco mat, 3/4 inch coco mat, 1 inch coco mat and 1-1/4 inch coco mat. You can choose the width and length you want and we cut the mat to your specifications up to an 1/8 inch precision.  The 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch and 1-1/4 inch thick mats are available in natural color. The 5/8 inch thick mat is available in different colors.
If you want take it one step further and personalize the mat, yeah, we do that as well. Get your logo or anything else you have in mind printed on the mat using our stencil dyed, flocked or inlaid design options. Just send us your artwork and we can work out a pricing to suit your needs.
Even if you do not have a recessed area but you like our custom cut coco mat for a level surface; we can cut the mat to your specifications and edge the mat with a heavy duty beveled edging.

These coco mats are 100% natural coir made from the outer husks of coconut and are environmentally friendly. The mats feature a vinyl backing and are ideal for recessed areas in a hotel, restaurant, office space and corporate buildings or even at home.  Coco mats are easy to install as they don’t need to be glued down to your recessed area because of their weight and construction. Their bristle like texture ensures your interiors remain clean by effectively brushing off dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes. They provide a clean, plush look to your interiors and do not move around so the chances of people falling and slipping on these entrance mats is less.

Check out our website or the Custom Cut Coco Mat product line for more information. And, the cut middle man notwithstanding, if you need anymore details or simply that you miss talking to us about a product, feel free to call us at 614-372-8065360-255-7282 or email us at service@cocomatsnmore.com.

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From Coconut to Coco Mat – Part 3: From Coir Yarn to Coir Mat

Once the yarn is created (see part 2) the next step is weaving. There are many different kinds of weaving each with different outcomes for the fibre. From splicing, spooling, warping to beaming and looming, each has its own process and outcome.

Depending on the weaving process and configuration there are many types of weaves which can be achieved. The Plain weave is the simplest which basically weaves one thread over the other alternatively and continuously. The basket weave is very similar to a plain weave although the threads are criss-crossed just like the weaving of a basket. The Twill weave s achieved by interlacing diagonal and is highly used in ornamental settings. There is a Three shaft Twill and Four Shaft Twill weave which are more complex and capable of displaying complex patterns which are mirrored on each side of the finished product.

Coir Mats are a different type of coco fibre mat, they have a brush-like surface. This is the product we most commonly sell at Cocomatsnmore.com as they are the most functional iteration of the coco fibre mats. These mats are made in three types; Creel: known for its thin brush fibres, Rod mats: known for their thick brush and Fibre mats: known for their compact brush. Coir mats are available with or without backing. If a customer wants a mat which is more durable and with less chance of slipping they may use a vinyl-backed coir mat.Another type of coco fibre mat is the Scraper or Chain Mats, which is made from braided strands of coco yarn and can provide a high scrapability.

Once the mat type has been chosen there are many different ways of styling the mat to fit the application. For residential use many people like to use our personalization service displaying a single letter monogram or the household sir name. Businesses using coco mats will often use coir mats which are custom cut to fit their unique entrance ways or recessed well areas. Businesses will also have their company logos printed onto a coco mat through a process called flocking. Another popular way of having a logo printed on coir is an inlay design.

That brings us to the end of the process of creating a beautiful, durable, functional doormat. If you would like more information or to browse our wide selection of coconut fiber doormats please visit Cocomatsnmore.com or call us toll free at 866-561-1921.


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From Coconut to Coco Mat – Part 2: Fiber Production

The earliest records of the cultivation for the many uses of the coconut palm date back to nearly 3000 years. Botanists say the coconut was domesticated as early as the Neolithic, Stone Age times. As early as the 12th century explorers such as Marco Polo report seeing ships from Sri Lanka using coco fiber ropes in their rigging. Other reports were of ships using the fiber as caulking for sealing the space between planks and even having sails made from woven coco fibers. It is likely that Sri Lanka and India were the first countries to discover and export the many products manufactured using coco fiber.

Removing the fibers from the coconut first requires a process called Retting, which softens the fibers by means of soaking the coconuts in water for a period of time. This process can take anywhere from 6-10 months. Later people developed a way of speeding up this process with chemicals and a process of crushing the coconuts with large rollers. Further still there are a series of mechanical methods of removing the valuable fibers from the coconut through use of a variety of complex machinery.

Once the Fibers are broken down to varying lengths those fibers are spun using a variety of machines. This process in india is done exclusively in coastal villages as a household cottage industry. This can be completed by hand (very rare today) but is commonly done using a spinning machine called a Ratt. There are also motorised ratts and automatic spinning machine. Dependent on what type of machine a household has the more money that household can make by buying the raw fibres and selling the finished yarn product to manufacturers.

Many different types weaves of yarn are available, some can only be achieved through hand spinning and others require specialized machines to achieve. Most specialized weaves have specialized applications and different prices dependant on the time or equipment needed to create that weave.

Once the manufacturer has the woven cord product this is when they can move towards creating their end product.

In the next and final part we will conclude this article – Coming Soon:

Part 3: Types of Coco Mats and the Manufacturing Process

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From Coconut to Coco Mat – Part 1

You may have asked before when browsing around our website. “How do they turn a coconut into a coco fiber mat?” Well, in this series of blog entries we will shine a light on the coco fiber industry and how we go from what was once a waste product of the coconut industry to a functional end product, the coco mat.

Part 1 – The coconut palm

The coconut palm grows in 93 countries around the world. The top producer of coconuts is Indonesia producing over 16.6 billion coconuts per year. Indonesia is followed by the Philippines, which produces 26% of the world’s supply of coconuts. In third place, India produces almost 13 billion coconuts per year, India is also the most efficient when it comes to use of space with the highest amount of coconuts grown per hectare at 6632 coconuts grown on the average hectare.

This business provides a huge portion of india’s economy as well as a huge source of the country’s employment, providing jobs to more than 10 million people 80% of which are women.

The fibers that wrap the edible innards of a coconut serve many functions for this amazing plant. Coconut palms commonly grow to be as tall as a two story building and therefore when the coconuts fall from the tree they need to survive some pretty harsh impacts. The leathery outer shell is the coconut’s first defence from splattering to the ground below and the long fall will rarely even dent this layer. Rarely this layer will dent or split but inside is a thick layer of coir fibres which continue to protect the innards from harm. Another benefit of the coconut’s amazing structure is it’s buoyancy, the coir will allow the coconut to float on the surface of seawater for months without the seawater penetrating the inner shell.

People living in areas where coconut palms naturally grew quickly discovered the many benefits this plant could offer them; In the form of food, drink, shelter, oil for cooking and lamps and a fiber, which the multitude of uses are still being discovered.

Stay tuned for our next in this series: Part 2 – Fiber Production

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Trouble Choosing a Clever Funny/Rude Doormat?

On the Coco Mats N’ More website we have a huge selection of Funny/Rude Doormats. Sometimes we get told we have so many it’s hard to choose. In answer to this we’ve designed a handy flowchart to help our customers find the Funny Mat that suits them correctly. Weather you want to joke about how its always time for a beer or you want to tell your guests that the dog runs the house, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing a Doormat has never been easier.

Click the Image for a larger version


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Top 10 New Doormats that will make an impact on your visitors

Have you seen our top new doormats. Here are some of the favourites.

  1. Anchors Away Doormats

Anchors Away Doormats

Featuring an anchor on a beautiful blue background these doormats look gorgeous and are made out of coir and feature a vinyl backing.

2. Cowboy Welcome Doormats

Cowboy Boots Welcome Doormats

Cowboy Boots Doormats

Say howdy to your visitors with these cowboy boots welcome doormats. Made out of coir, they are designed to last for a long time.

3. Danger Do Not Enter Doormats

Danger Do Not Enter Doormats

Danger Do Not Enter Doormats

Attract your visitors attention at your doorstep with these danger do not enter doormats. Or if you looking to scare away someone, they can come in really handy.

4. Life is a Beach Doormat

Life is a Beach Coco Mat

Life is a Beach Coco Mat

Life is a Beach reminds you of the good old relaxing days of summer when you are dozing off in the sun at the beach or having a wonderful picnic with your friends and family.

5. Pony Welcome Mats

Pony Welcome Doormats

Pony Welcome Doormats

Pony Welcome Doormats with their gorgeous silhouette of a pony makes great gift for home lovers and offer a warm welcome.

6. Ships Wheel Doormats

Ships Wheel Doormats

Ships Wheel Doormats

Ships Wheel Welcome Mats offer a great welcome to your guests and is inset in  a gorgeous blue background.

7. Words of Wisdom Doormats

Words of Wisdom Doormats

Words of Wisdom Doormats

Inspire your guests with these beautiful inspiring words that is set on a gorgeous black background.

8. Nautical Welcome Doormats

Nautical Welcome Coco mats

Nautical Welcome Coco mats

Nautical Welcome Doormats make perfect gifts for people who love sailing and hence these coco mats will give them a grand welcome.

9. Live Well Doormats

Live Well Doormats

Live Well Coco Mats

Live Well Doormats offer a beautiful message of living well with a happy and healthy life.

10. Home Sweet Home Doormats

Home Sweet Home Doormats

Home Sweet Home Doormats is a lovely reminder that home is the place where you feel the most comfortable and relaxed.

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Summer Days

It seems every year as July approaches you forget that its summer, it sneaks up on you with some cloudy days peppered with a couple hot days. Then all of a sudden July hits, the days are all of a sudden stretching into the later hours of the evening and you have to have a fan running in every room of the house.  Who doesn’t love summer? And with summer comes all the little things that make summer great!

Flip Flops

Who doesn’t love having their toes exposed on hot day? Flip flops are one of the essential ingredients to a day at the beach or a day out shopping on a warm summer’s day.

Boat Days

When the sun is sweltering down what’s better than relaxing on a beach? The only thing better is stretching out on a boat for a day on the water with your friends.

Patio Days

Who doesn’t like having some friends over and enjoying the great outdoors in the comfort of your backyard. Cold drinks, good friends and something delicious on the barbecue, this is what summer is all about.


We’ve got some great items at http://cocomatsnmore.com to help compliment your summer and decorate your patio to really show your guests your in summer mode.


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