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Home Gyms 2: Setting It All Up.

Home Gyms 2: Setting It All Up.

Last week we wrote about why a home gym is starting to make more sense compared to joining one outside. You can read that post here. If you were convinced by that post, then you will find this post quite helpful, because this week we will write about how you can set up a home […]

Home Gyms 1: Why Home Gyms are Such a...

Starting Thanksgiving, the world goes on a high calorie diet. Moms and other food fairies in the family ensure that our badly struggling diet charts and fitness regimes completely give up the fight. Under the onslaught of turkeys and cookies and fruitcakes and tables creaking with food at the annual Christmas dinner at home, working […]

10 Floral Mats you can Gift Someone w...

This holiday season, why not gift flowers? Whassat? No, of course we are not trying to get you nicknamed Scrooge! We’re talking about spending leggit money to buy some lovely floral mats as gifts for loved ones. Take a look at these mats and you’ll know how flowers can put a smile on people’s faces, […]

10 Designer Mats that Make Great Gift...

The holiday season! Time for all sorts of joyful things–Christmas trees and carols, delicious food and twinkly lights, winter wonderland and building your family snowman. And to balance that there is that anxiety-causing tradition called gifting. Don’t be that unimaginative person who gifted a sweater for the 6th time or the Laughing Buddha figurine for […]

Take care of your feet, Winter is com...

Take care of your feet, Winter is coming.

Winter has been famous long before The Game of Thrones made it kind of iconic. And like the House Starks, there are many ways in which we try to protect ourselves against the freezing cold weather–endless cups of hot coffee, layer upon layer of woolen and knit clothing, leg warmers, and plenty o whisky. At […]

Introducing Eco-loving Jute Products ...

Cocomatsnmore introduced a brand new range of jute products last week. The range has handbags, totes, laptop bags, conference bags and conference folders. Now, a question that may nudge everyone’s mind is what’s a company that sells doormats doing selling jute bags and products? Isn’t it quite a jump? Not really. Cocomatsnmore has made no […]

St. Patrick Green.

Four of our green-loving doormats have happily blended in with the collage of the St. Patrick’s Day festival images. Can you spot the Herringbone Doormat, the Penelope Floral Doormat, the Feathers Doormat and the Trio of Birds Doormat?    

Color Springs Back

If there is one thing winter was able to do quite fantastically, it was wipe the world blank white. Winter excels at sending colors into hibernation. But come Spring and the icy spell melts. Blue cracks open in the sky, trees break into green, flowers push their way out with a rich-hued passion. Before you […]

New Designs: Half Round Doormats.

Half round doormats are such a nice change from the usual. The half round shape means no sharp edges jutting out. The smaller size kind of fits snugly against your doorway. The effect is altogether more satisfying, soft and vintage. Here are some new ones we have just stocked.  Rice Bran Half Round Doormat   […]

Meet the Mats!

Meet the Mats!

Meet Penelope, Magnolia Blossom and Parterre. No, they are not happy beatniks….they’re the names of some of our newest mats! But they could very easily be nature-loving, flower power era people, thanks to their use of all-natural and environmentally safe coir, fade-resistant dyes for printing, and block-print and flower-inspired designs. So, let’s get to know the […]

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