Rubber doormats and flooring solutions for your home.

In last week’s post, you learned about rubber—its properties and uses as doormats and flooring options for your home and commercial spaces. (Read the post here). This week, we will look at the range of rubber-based doormats, tiles and flooring products available on Materials used range from vulcanized or virgin rubber, recycled rubber, coir-rubber and synthetic fabric-rubber combinations as well as plain synthetic rubber. We love using rubber because it is safe, durable and hassle-free to use, all of which translate into numerous benefits for you as the end user. Design is not compromised on in the bargain, and the mats look elegant and stylish, adding aesthetic appeal to your home.

Let’s take a look at some rubber doormats and flooring products we have for your home.

Rubber Doormats

Doormats form an integral part of home decor. In fact, a doormat is the first thing your guests see when they visit, so a good-looking doormat can be a worthy preamble to your home. We have a range of mats on the cocomatsnmore online store. Depending on your needs and preferences, there is a wide variety of styles, sizes, shapes and designs to choose from. There’s bound to be a mat that matches your particular design sensibilities.

The Napoleon Recycled Rubber Doormat

If you are big on environment protection, then you may want to look at doormats made out of recycled rubber.  The Napoleon Recycled Rubber Doormat and the Rosemary Welcome Recycled Rubber Doormat are great examples of recycled rubber taking on a new gorgeous avatar.  You may also like the recycled rubber-coir combination mats like the Tulips Half Round Recycled Rubber Bootscraper Doormat.


Brigoder Rubber Back Coir Doormat

Brigoder Rubber Back Coir Doormat

The vulcanized rubber-coir combination can look surprisingly good as is evident with the Brigoder Rubber Backed Coir Doormat.

Synthetic fibers and rubber also make for a winning combination in terms of utility and durability. An example would be the versatile Waterhog Recycled Rubber Doormat.  Its high water absorption property makes it ideal for outdoor use in wet environments or for indoor use in bathrooms or kitchens, where there is a high chance of spillage. Synthetic rubber doormats such as the Flowers Weather Beater offer the benefits of ruggedness and the ability to endure even the most adverse weather conditions.

You even have the option of personalizing mats with a monogram or by printing your name on them. Take a look at the Acanthus Rubber Name Doormat and the Acanthus Border Monogram mat to get an idea.

Acanthus Rubber Name Doormat

Acanthus Rubber Name Doormat

Rubber mats also have outdoor uses. The Tire Track Recycled Rubber Doormat is immensely useful to provide grip and traction to your driveway during snow or in wet muddy conditions.

Rubber Stair Treads

Rubber stair treads make an otherwise drab staircase look all spruced up and elegant. They also protect the wood of the stairs, reducing wear and tear. If you have kids and elderly people at home, these mats with their rubber backing are skid-resistant and, therefore, safe. The Panama Filigree Rubber Backed Coir Stair Tread will give you an idea of what we are talking about.

Panama Filigree Stair Treads

Panama Filigree Stair Tread

Soft Floors

The Soft Floors tiles are made out of close cell EVA foam rubber. They are lightweight, portable, waterproof, soundproof, aerobic, shock absorbent and insulating. These tiles are a great way to cover your basement or garage floor, but can be used anywhere. They also have designed variants for children’s rooms.

We have many more options, designs and products that your home could benefit from. Look through our extensive range on

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All you need to know about rubber flooring, mats and tiles.



Natural fiber mats and flooring add a certain class and elegance to your home and office floors. That’s undeniable. However, when you require elegance with durability and ease of maintenance added on, it’s best to consider rubber mats and flooring. They come with a host of qualities that make so such of sense that you may wonder why you never thought about them earlier. Let’s take a look at some of those qualities.

Pet-friendly: If you have pets at home, rubber flooring and mats are just plain pragmatic. Tough against the onslaught of paws, easy to clean and long lasting, they are one less thing your pet can chew and destroy.

Environment-friendly: Rubber mats, tiles and flooring made out of recycled tires are easy on the environment as well as your pocket.

Noise reducing: Rubber, with its sound deadening quality, reduces noise in work places, studios and gyms. It makes excellent sound-proofing material. In fact, rubber features prominently in the materials used for sound-proofing home studios.

Safe: Rubber flooring and tiles offer safety in gyms, play spaces and any area involving indoor athletics. They are shock absorbent and reduce the impact of falls and consequent injuries.

Easy to Clean: Rubber tiles and flooring are easy to clean. Mop with a mild detergent and sponge/mop, sweep with a broom or vacuum and you are good to go.

Anti-Fatigue: Rubber cushions the feet and, hence, reduces the strain caused by regular fitness and work-related physical activity. Rubber anti-fatigue mats are great for workers and staff whose job involves standing all day.

Easy to Mold: Rubber can be molded into a variety of designs, from intricate to sturdy, depending on a variety of needs.  Some companies even offer product customization options for those with a creative streak!

Durable: Rubber mats and flooring are tough and can endure more wear and tear. This makes them last longer and also makes great economic sense.

Types of Rubber
When it comes to flooring, there are three main types of rubber materials used.

Virgin Rubber
Natural rubber—new rubber tapped as latex from trees—is heated and chemically treated or vulcanized to make it easy to mold and more resilient. This is then used to create products. Vulcanized rubber is tough, long lasting and enjoys wide application in various industries. It is also used to produce rubber mats and flooring for homes and offices.


Recycled Rubber
Recycled rubber re-uses old discarded automobile tires by putting them through the de-vulcanization process. This process strips rubber of added chemicals and restores it close to its natural state. The resultant ‘crumb’ is then treated chemically and remolded into new products. The recycled rubber derived from this process is almost as durable and tough as vulcanized rubber. It can be used in most industries barring a few. It is environment-friendly, which is its most important feature. Rubber mats, tiles and flooring use a substantial amount of recycled rubber for its resilience and shock absorption properties. It is also more cost-effective, an advantage that gets directly passed down to the consumer.

Synthetic Rubber
As the name suggests, synthetic rubber is rubber that has been made synthetically. Unlike natural rubber that comes the Rubber Tree, synthetic rubber is manufactured by the polymerization of a range of petroleum-based precursors called monomers. In certain forms, this type of rubber is superior to natural rubber, offering thermal stability and compatibility with petroleum products (Wikipedia). Synthetic rubber has wide usage in various industries. Certain types of rubber tiles, mats and flooring use rubber foam and urethane because of their specific properties.


Now that you have a basic understanding of rubber mats and flooring—their properties, features and advantages—you will be in a better position to gauge their effectiveness as solutions for your home and office requirements.

Don’t miss next week’s post! We will be talking about the range of rubber mats and flooring options that CocomatsNMore offers you.

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A Different Kind of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  Chances are you are already at the receiving end of societal, marketing, peer and relationship pressure to “Do Something Amazing!” If you are the sort who has mixed feelings about V-Day, in all likelihood it’s because of the mush overdose and excessive expectations. Love it or loathe it, there’s no denying Valentine’s Day its pink-letter place on the calendar.  So why not give in to the madness? Seriously, how often does a day come along when mush is actually an expectation?

Of course, that is not to say that you give in wholeheartedly (or even half-heartedly) to the way things are done—you know the balloons, candy, cards and roses. If you have an allergy to these, steer clear of them and do something different, memorable and meaningful this Valentine’s Day.

1. Gift your Valentine a new-looking you.

Has she been dropping subtle hints about the number of same-coloured shirts you have? Or has he told you that he really can’t tell you have a restyled your hair because it looks the same as the last time? Maybe this is a good time to change all that and do something different. Dapper up. Step up to style and impress your partner with some snazzy dressing. Change the way your hair looks. Give colour a shot. Better still ask your partner what they would change in your appearance. Then go on ahead and try out the suggestions for V-Day. Take risks in love!

2. Celebrate differently.

Don’t let the marketing guys railroad you into believing that you haven’t done enough if you have not blown cash buying all the V-Day tried and tested staples. Valentine’s Day is about love and that can be just as easily expressed through a gourmet meal cooked at home or a long drive that ends up in a countryside picnic. Ban the banal. Personalise your celebration by doing something that means something to the two of you.

3. Schedule in romance.

Sit your partner down and create a list of all the romantic and fun things you both want to do through the year together. It can be crazy, it can be practical…it can be anything as long as it involves the two of you.  Set a deadline of Valentine’s Day next year to get all of them done. That way the romance lasts through the year rather than just one day.

4. Get rid of jadedness.

So it’s been a long time since you’ve been married or maybe you’ve been going steady for a while. Things are…comfortable, but you wistfully think of the days when there was that spark. Well, there is only one thing to do about it: bring it back! Jog your mind back to some of the things you did when you first started out. Think of the spontaneity, the easy, light-hearted fun, the risk-taking, the creative ways of expressing your love—midnight poetry and songs under the moonlight. The spark’s not lost, just forgotten. Revive it and watch the chemistry come back into your relationship.

There are no binding rules to Valentine’s Day. The only thing for certain is that it’s all about love. That being the bottom line, you can find your own unique way of expressing it. So go ahead and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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5 Tips for taking care of Carpet Entrance Mats

Entrance Mats are the first thing a person notices when they walk in the door. It is in your best interest to create a great first impression by keeping these carpeted entrance mats clean and maintaining its look and utility over a period of time. Here are 5 tips that will help you keep a clean entrance, improving the product life and appearance of your entrance mat.

1. Vacuum or Broom Daily :

Enhance the life of an entrance mat especially in heavy traffic areas by vacuuming or brooming daily. This will help retain its look and keep it looking clean. Furthermore, doing this when carpet surface is dry will be especially useful in retaining its appearance.

Entrance Mats2. Spot Removal Stains:

Cleaning up as spill as soon as it happens is not only useful at homes and with babies but is also a great tactic when your entrance mats are concerned. Try to absorb as much liquid as possible with the aid of any clean absorbent material. For stains that involve oil or grease try to blot until stain is removed and use dry cleaning fluid in small amounts.

3. Wet Shampooing:

When daily vacuuming and cleaning is not enough to restore the vibrant color of the entrance mats because there is a lot of embedded soil, it is recommended to do a deep clean with a shampoo. For shampooing, use any neutral synthetic detergent with tepid water (it is best to use 1/2 cup per gallon of water). Using a hand brush will also give great results. To remove suds, you can use a sponge or cloth.

For matting with excessive soil, use detergent with brushing and then follow that with rinsing with cold water until soil is removed. A floor squeegee can be used to remove excess water and then the entrance matting can be placed in an inclined position to drain dry.

In places where onsite maintenance is not available, the entrance matting can also be sent to a professional mat cleaner and be shampooed. For professional shampooing, use only a flat washing equipment, not exceeding 120F.

Entrance Mats4. Shedding of Fuzzing:

Some entrance mats will shed or fuzz but it very normal for the entrance mats.

5. Storage and Handling

When entrance mats are to stored, please roll the carpet with pile facing out and lay it flat and not crush it. Store the entrance mat in moderate temperature and in a dry place. Furthermore, if the borders on matting are broken then matting should be removed from service until the tripping hazard is repaired.

Matting must never be stored on end. That will cause the edges to curl and will void any warranty. Do not stack any materials or other matting on top of mat that is stored.

When placing the mat please make sure that the floor is clean and back of the mat is free from any debris and dirt. Frequent cleaning under the mats is also recommended

After removing the mat from its package, the entrance mat should lay flat in a warm, dry environment for several hours that allow it to relax and uncurl before placing into a service.

We hope that will all these tips you would be better able to take of your expensive commercial entrance mats and make sure they are well maintained to have a better life for these entrance mats.

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Entrance Scraper Mats for Commercial Use

CocoMatsNMore often talks about the importance of doormats to enhance your doorway and protect your floors against dirt and debris. We also feature many beautiful doormats that would make a home owner rub their hands with joy! But, we find that it is not often we talk about our range of commercial entrance mats. We intend to make up on that oversight!

Entrance matting is crucial for any building. There are a couple of reasons why every business should invest in a good quality and durable entrance mat –

Cleanliness is an important and coveted factor with everyone. For example: when customers choose a restaurant, cleanliness ranks at the top for fast-food destinations. (Restaurants & Institutions, 1994). And when asked, “What’s the first thing you look at when judging cleanliness?” the most popular first response of consumers was “Floors” (42%). (CDI Research, 1991). Hence, it is practical to choose a doormat or an entrance mat that can keep your entrances clean by trapping the dirt and preventing it from tracking inside the building.

Having an entrance mat at each entrance will significantly improve the safety of your customers and employees by absorbing water/snow/grit tracked into the building. A mat like our Duranop Logo Mat not only looks great but can hold up to 5.5 liters of water per square yard. That’s 5 liters of liquid that won’t be tracked through your building creating slip hazards!

Entrance mats catch dirt and moisture before it contaminates your floor and provide a comfortable surface for your customers at the same time. If it seems next-to-impossible to keep up with all the dirt, snow, and mud that’s tracked into your business, the best solution is a top quality entrance mat.

Here are some entrance scraper mats that will help you achieve a beautiful entrance keeping in mind cleanliness for your place of work and safety for your customers and employees alike.

Boardwalk Modular Pathway Tiles

BoardwalkModularMade of flexible Vinyl, the Boardwalk Pathway Tiles are suitable for use as an internal or external entrance scraper mat; for recessed and/or surface mount needs. These Pathway Tiles are easy to install and its customizable properties makes these Pathway Tiles a perfect high performance choice for your recessed well needs. Open grid construction on the Pathway Tiles allow debris and moisture to fall through below the mat, allowing for cleaning at a later time. Extremely strong, the Pathway Tiles are heel-proof and wheel-proof. It offers excellent performance for heavy foot and trolley traffic. For more info on Boardwalk Modular Tiles…

CM Viper 8150 Everscrape Matting

CM Viper 8150 Everscrape MattingThe CM Viper 8150 Everscrape matting is specifically designed for heavy duty applications. This matting features a durable vinyl loop surface that works to trap and hide dirt and moisture, while preventing it from tracking indoors. This looped surface allows for quick drainage and is perfect for conditions with snow and excess moisture.

These mats are available with two kinds of edging. All mats come with a default factory edge, which is an extension of the PVC backing material. However, you can also chose a beveled vinyl edging which is much thicker and heavier. For more info on the CM Viper 8150…

CM Viper 8150 Everscrape Logo Mats

everscrape8150logomatsAdd branding and marketing value to your business by using the CM Viper 8150 Everscrape Logo Mats. Made out of PVC, the CM Viper Everscrape logo mats are an effective and practical solution to enhance your brand image while keeping your doorway clean and preventing dirt from tracking inside the building. Unique vinyl loop construction effectively scrapes away dirt and mud from the shoes keeping the area clean. With a water-proof solid backing, these mats prevent the dirt and moisture from staining the floors. As the image on the mat is not produced by printing, but by melting the matting surface under heat and pressure, they logo/design is resistant to fading and wearing out over a period of time. With a wide variety of colors this logo mat can be a great way to personalize your image and strengthen your brand in customer’s eyes. For more info on the Everscrape Logo Mat…

CM Viper 8850 Wiper/Scraper Matting

CMViper8850The CM Viper 8850 is a heavy duty wiper/scrapper intended for indoor commercial use. The mat is constructed using a unique combination of polypropylene and nylon fibers.

This unique feature means that the nylon fibers absorbs the water and other moisture, that people leave on it, under the mat, while the tough polypropylene fibers scrape away all the excess dust and debris from the bottom shoes. This makes it a very durable and effective wiper and scraper mat. The tuffed random pattern of the mat helps hide dust, salt, sand, and dirt on the mat, until it can be properly disposed off at a later time. Solution-dyed fibers resist fading and staining. For more info on the CM Viper 8850…

CM Viper 8900 Wiper/Scraper Matting with Rubber Backing

CMViper8900The CM Viper 8900 is a heavy duty wiper/scrapper intended for indoor commercial use. The construction of the mat features a unique combination of polypropylene and nylon fibers.

The nylon fibres of the mat absorb water people leave on it. The tough polypropylene fibres scrape away all the excess dust and debris from under the bottom of shoes. The CM Viper 8900 mat also features a rubber backing rather than the usual PVC. The rubber backing allows the trapped moisture under the mat to evaporate instead of having to clean under the mat immediately.   The random pattern helps hide dust, salt, sand, and dirt on the mat, until it can be properly disposed off. Solution-dyed fibers resist fading and staining. These mats come with a PVC vinyl ramp edging that allows for easy transition on to the mat and also allows the mat to lay flat on the ground. This effectively reduces the hazard of tripping over them. For more info on the CM

CM Viper 9100 Drainage and Runner Matting


If you are looking for a matting solution that is durable, can be used n recessed wells outside at your building entrance and can handle heavy foot and wheeled traffic then the CM Viper 9100 is the perfect product for you to consider.

Concrete in color and with an open “Z-Web” patterned surface, the CM Viper 9100 is a sturdy, all vinyl entrance mat that will do work wonders when used in recessed wells at building entrances. This matting product is ideal for extreme traffic i.e over 1 million people and any level of foot or lightweight wheeled traffic, such as shopping carts and wheelchairs (Note: this product is not recommended for large vehicles or heavy machinery).

The extruded PVC material used in the construction of these mats allows for a design that is continuous and elongated in nature. This design is different to mat using the mould production processes which creates smaller parts that are then joined together. For more info on the CM Viper 9100…

Cushion Soft Anti-Fatigue Mats

Cushion  Soft Anti Fatigue Mt

Cushion Soft Anti-fatigue Mats in Bark Tread is the perfect matting solution for industrial and commercial applications. These anti-fatigue mats as the name suggests offer relief for workers from feet fatigue and tiredness due to prolonged standing and gives them comfortable underfoot cushioning. Made out of durable PVC, these anti-fatigue mats are a great alternative to cold and hard concrete floors. Cushion Soft Anti Fatigue mats are an economic solution to preventing pressure pain from prolonged standing. Improves morale and productivity of workers and decreases absenteeism due to fatigue. Comfortable underfoot cushioning and the textured surface brings down the risk of slip injuries and provides added traction. For more info on Cushion Soft…

Diamond Shield Anti-Fatigue Mats


Ideal for industrial and commercial applications, the Diamond Shield Anti-Fatigue mats are a long lasting matting solution intended to provide comfort to your employees from cold and hard concrete floors. You can  improve the morale and productivity of your workers and decrease absenteeism due to fatigue as it meant to  relieve feet fatigue and associated issues associated with standing for a longer period of time. Diamond Shield provides an increased level of traction and the comfortable foam cushion backing provides relief from the fatigue caused by prolonged standing. Withstands damaging industrial conditions. These anti-fatigue mats can resist many harsh chemicals in an industrial environment because of its self-extinguishing top surface. For more info on Diamond Shield

Dura Nop Entrance Mats

DuraNopDura Nop Heavy Duty Entrance Mats featuring a luxurious Berber carpet style lends itself for an always elegant appearance. The non-directional pattern effectively traps 80% of dirt sand, moisture and other debris, reducing your cleaning spend and effectively minimizes safety hazards. Dura Nop is available in custom sizes ensuring a perfect fit for any type and size of entrance.

Dura Nop is the ideal matting solution for businesses residing in harsh climates.  This matting is resistant to many chemicals, including ice melters and salts, extending the lifespan during the winter.  The mold and mildew resitant fibers can be easily cleaned by vacuuming, hosing or hot water extraction.  For more info on Dura Nop Entrance Mat…

Dura Nop Inlaid Logo Mat


Create a professional entrance with a custom logo design on the durable and elegant Dura Nop Entrance Mats. With a luxurious Berber style carpet patten, this ½” thick mat is high heel safe and made of durable, long lasting, UV stable polypropylene.  This feature combined with a high profile vinyl edging that is sewn and glued to the mat will give you the best looking, most functional and long-lasting mat in the industry.

Dura Nop is the perfect entrance mats for businesses facing harsh climates.  This matting is resistant to many chemicals including ice melter and salts extending the lifespan during the winter. The mold and mildew resistant fibres can be easily cleaned by vacuum, hosing or hot water extraction.  For more info on Dura Nop Logo Mat…

Hydra Deck Modular Tiles


Fun and colorful, the Hydra Deck Modular Tiles is perfect to add that touch of color along with safety for places like shower rooms, saunas, changing rooms, outdoor and indoor pools, water parks; or any areas that require maximum drainage of water.  Furthermore, their fun and vibrant colors will create great energy in any place and attract a lot of attention. Made out of PVC, its open vinyl grid construction allows water and dirt to flow through and collect under the mat. The Hydra Deck provides comfortable cushioning for bare feet with its soft and resilient non-slip knobs on its surface. These mats are hygienic and do not allow the growth of bacteria. You can rest assured that this mat will be clean for the public. They are easy to install and can be set up quickly within a short amount of time. For more info on Hydra Deck Tiles

These are but a few of the commercial entrance matting that we feature on CocoMatsNMore. Do look at our Commercial Entrance Matting webpage for more products that could work for you.

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Take A Look At These New Coir Scraper Mats

Your doorway is the one place that makes or breaks the first impression. But very importantly, your doorstep is also your first chance against dirt and debris that people and their footwear bring in. Therefore it is important to use good quality doormats to keep your floors clean – protect them against damage, save you some cleaning time and effort but also make your entrance look beautiful and first impression worthy.

Now let’s talk about what to do in winter? With heavy snow and melting ice, you are no longer faced with run of the mill dry dirt and debris.. What you get instead is melting snow mixed with dirt and other things to give you brown muddy goop that sticks to shoes like glue. That goop and other unmentionable things picked up by footwear is a serious effort to clean, destroys everything in its path, and not to mention is a serious safety hazard.

It is at these times, your poor (and often times very pretty) doormat is going to have an onslaught that it possibly never imagined. What you need to do at this point is to break out the tougher, equipped to deal with winter coir scraper doormats. And, we do have you covered in that department. We have added these three new coir scraper mats that is sure to warm the heart even in the harshest of climates.

Basket Weave Brush Mats


Made using galvanised rubber and natural coir fibre incorporates a beautiful basket weave design to give you a tough and durable scraper mat.

The Basket Weave Brush Mat has been designed to withstand harsh climates and will survive wet areas. So please go ahead and use this scraper doormat at any place that get a lot of snow and let it do its job.

And what is its job? Due to the construction of the mat, it has superior brushing action which will efficiently clean mud and snow off shoes. These work great not only in household scenarios but will work for industrial applications as well.

The quality of the doormat also ensures a longer product life that will last you a long time.

Basket Weave Brush Doormat is available in 18″ x 30″ size**

Cicada Scraper Doormat

Cicada Scraper MatsThis is one doormat that has cuteness and functionality all rolled into one power packed product. A perfect combination of cute and efficiency, the Cicada Scraper Doormat is superb at scraping away all the goop, mud and wet snow off footwear. You no longer have to worry about having to clean up after your guests after a snowy day! Sit back, relax and have a good time with your friends

Designed to withstand heavy duty brushing, the Cicada scraper mat is made of galvanized wire and natural coir fibre. The Cicada Mat has been built to withstand wet environments such as heavy snow. The superior quality of this doormat ensures that you have a product with a long shelf life most definite to last you all winter long and even more.

Cicada Scraper Doormat is useful in both industrial as well as household applications. These mats are easy to clean.

Cicada Scraper Doormat is available in 18″ x 30″ size

Herringbone Boot Wiper

HerringboneBootWiperAll good things come in small packages. And we think, The Herringbone Boot Wiper Doormat is the perfect example of this adage.

Despite its small size, the Herringbone Boot Wiper is designed to withstand and survive some seriously heavy duty brushing action from dirty industrial type boots. This boot wiper will give your excellent cleaning against mud and snow in both residential and industrial. It can not only withstand the wet and snow environments but is a good quality mat that is meant to last you a long time.

The Herringbone Boot Wiper is made with galvanized wire and features rods made out of natural coir fibre. The unique design and construction of this mat, facilitates brushing on both the inner and the outer sides of the boots leaving a very clean boot!

This boot wiper is also very easy to clean – simply brush, shake or vacuum.

The Herringbone Boot Wiper is available in 12″ x 14″ size

We have more Coir Scraper Doormat that you can look at. Do check out our website for more variations of the Coir Scraper Mats that you might find interesting.

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We Have New Recycled Rubber Doormats!

Folks over at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tell us that over 290 million tires are scrapped annually. Wow!

Now, these tires do not decompose by themselves, which means these old and used tires create a major pollutant and refuse issue through the world. Imagine 290 million tires sitting around in a landfill!

By giving these old tires a new lease of life, recycling them into new products, less tires will actually end up in a landfill. We are told that about 130 million of these tires are recycled for fuel. The remaining tires, well most of them, are then chopped up into rubber strips or into beads called “crumb rubber.”
The beads are recycled into street repair materials. The rubber strips go on to become new products such as doormats!

The benefits of using recycled rubber doormats are many-fold. One, it cleans the dirt, all kinds of unthinkable muck and slush (such a big problem in winter) from beneath footwear; Two, since all the dirt gets cleaned off, it doesn’t track inside your home thus protecting the floors and rugs from damage and plus – really it saves you all that back breaking cleaning! And then there is the most important benefit: It helps you save the environment!

Alright, all that said.. we believe in pulling our weight too and we know that every doormat counts! One doormat equals that many less tires making its way to the landfill. We proudly feature a wide variety of recycled rubber doormats on our site in different patterns, styles, sizes and shapes. It is also our constant endeavor to keep adding to this list. So here is what we have just added onto our list of recycled rubber doormats.

Waterhog Recycled Rubber Mat

Waterhog Recycled Rubber MatThe Waterhog Mat is made from a combination of rubber and polypropylene material. The base of the mat is made of 100% natural recycled rubber.

Due to the unique design on the surface of the Waterhog Mat, it provides excellent brushing action making it perfect for scraping shoes clean. This mat is very good at water absorption which as a result has earned it the name “Waterhog”.

Who says, we cannot “Go Green” indoors. The “Waterhog” is ideal for use wherever you are faced with a wet environment such as washrooms. This mat is designed to withstand heavy duty applications in both Industrial as well as household environments.

Very easy to clean, the Waterhog mat is washable and can be sun dried. It can be vacuumed easily as well.

Available in 18” x 30” size and color Blue

Filigree Recycled Rubber Coir Doormat

Filigree Recycled DoormatThe Filigree Recycled Rubber Doormat is a combination of recycled rubber and coir. The center of the mat is made of PVC backed coir equipped for increased cleaning action. While the edge of the mat is made of 100% recycled rubber and comes in a beautiful filigree pattern

This doormat has been designed specifically to withstand heavy duty usage and is perfect for wet environments that see a lot of snow (all that slush be gone!!). The quality of this doormat ensures that it has a longer product life.

This is not just a pretty green product. It is also an excellent dirt scrapper with some crazy superior brushing power which will effectively clean all the dirt and mud off of shoes. Very easy to maintain and clean, the mat can be hosed off or vacuumed and can be dried in natural sunlight.

The Filigree Recycled Rubber Doormat is available in a 18” x 47” size.

Rod Recycled Rubber Coir Doormat

Rod Recycled Rubber Coir DoormatsThe Rod Doormat is again a combination mat – the rods on the mat are made with a combination of recycled rubber and 100% coconut fibre. The base of the mat is made out of 100% natural recycled rubber.

The Rod mat provides excellent brushing action due to the design of the rods which covers the surface of the mat. Due to the unique construction of the base, it retains dust very well making sure that it does not track inside the house. This doormat is ideal for use at the entrance of a garden and has been designed for places that need heavy duty cleaning. No more worries about dirtying up you doorway or house after a good session of gardening, no? They are easy to clean and can be sun dried easily.

The Rod Recycled Rubber Coir Doormat is available in a 18” x 30” size

Tire Link Recycled Rubber Doormat

Tire Link Recycled MatThe Rod Doormat is a special mat completely made out of recycled rubber tires. Absolute heaven for the Eco-conscious – 100% recycled and recyclable product!

Specifically designed and perfect for areas that see a lot of snow and tends to get slushy and muddy. This doormat gives you safety and peace of mind in winter as it provides superior grip in wet snowing conditions and at the same time has excellent brushing action which will remove dirt, mud and snow off shoes. The Rod Recycled Rubber Doormat is washable which makes it very easy to clean.

The Tire Link Recycled Doormat is available in  a 18″ x 30″ size

Tire Track Recycled Rubber Doormat

Tire Track Rubber MatWinter often brings with a host of problems. Slippery and wet ground being one of them. These dangerous environments could lead to slip and fall injuries and other accidents. But what we do not, most times, talk about is the how the slippery ground poses a problem for your vehicles. And sometimes these problems are much closer to home than you think. Having a driveway that has accumulated snow will possibly cause it to slide and not provide enough traction to park your car safely. But there is a solution to this – The Tire Track Mat

Made out of 100% recycled rubber tires, these have been designed to provide grip and traction for light vehicles even in heavy snow environments. Though designed for snow, this mat will work perfectly in muddy environments, where there will lack of traction for your car. Mat is washable which makes it easy for the user to clean.

The Tire Track Recycled Doormat is available in a 31″ x 10″ size

What do you think of these new mats? Show us some love people and go check out the mats! Wait, these mats are not all that we have. As mentioned earlier, we do have lots more where these came from.

Check out our website for more Recycled Rubber Mats.  We also have quite a few Recycled Metal doormats (more power to the “Go Green” Movement!!)

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Get your Christmas Doormat Today!

Christmas SpiritIt’s Christmas again! Wow, how time flies! We’ve added new Christmas Doormats that will add that extra Holiday cheer to your doorway. Buy one today and impress all those who come to celebrate Christmas with you! Oh!, and it doesn’t have to stop at just you, these mats are great as gift options for all your loved ones (no more running from shop to shop, get these gifts at the click of a mouse). Let Santa know, that you’ve being extra good this year!!

Elves Welcome

Elves Welcome Doormat“Calling all Elves, this Santa needs a lot of help!” Our ‘Elves Welcome’ doormat will not only put a smile on the faces of your guests but will subtly let them know that the moment they enter the door they are gonna be put to work! Let them be warned.. you are going to need all them elves to help make this Christmas a success. And, if not your friends (the brutes!) then we wish for you that, this doormat gets you the real deal. Santa are you listening?

Candy Cane Stripes

Candy Cane Stripes DoormatDid you know, they say nearly 2 billion candy canes will be sold in the 4 weeks before Christmas and Hanukkah?!! Mindboggling right? But if you, like us at Coco Mats N More, are making the effort to watch your figure this holiday season then why not go a different route? Candy Cane striped coco mats!!. This all natural coconut fiber doormat with its candy cane stripes will not only preserve the symbol of Christmas and but will also remind everyone of the meaning of Christmas – minus the calories.

Tis the Season

Tis the Season Doormat“Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la la la la la”

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, and deck your doorstep with this intentionally lyrical doormat.

Greet your guests over Christmas with the melody and lyrics of “Deck the Hall” and get them singing as they enter. Non-singing is not allowed!


According to German folklore, nutcrackers were given as keepsakes to bring good luck to your family and protect your home and serves as the traditional messenger of good luck and goodwill”. It is no wonder then, the nutcracker soldier has become a timeless symbol of Christmas. Everyone looks for good-luck and goodwill through the year but especially during the holiday season not only for themselves but to share with their friends and family.

Do you have a storage container full of nutcracker that you delve into each year at Christmas that you love to display to signify the start of Christmas decorating season? If yes, then we have one more nutcracker to gift you. But we don’t deal with the mundane therefore our nutcracker gift to you comes in the unique shape of an eco-friendly coco doormat.


Noel Christmas DoormatWhat is Noel and how is it related to Christmas? Noel, refers either to the Christmas celebration or a Christmas carol. The word comes from the French word Noël meaning “Christmas” which derives from the Old French word noël, a variant of nael. Whatever be the reason, Noel, is now firmly imbedded in our Christmas traditions! And you really got to get this doormat to honor traditions!

Santa Sleigh

Santa Sleigh Christmas DoormatYou better watch out, You better not cry, You better not pout, I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town, yes, it’s time to leave out the cookies and milk and this very christmasy doormat! Welcome your guests this Christmas with Santa Clause and his sleigh doormat. And if always helps that this doormat is going to score you those extra points with Santa (who we are sure will absolutely love the doormat in his image!)

Snow Pattern

Snow Pattern DoormatIf you are not particularly into an all out Christmas themed mat but still want to retain some of that holiday spirit, then we suggest this Snow Patterned Doormat. Bring in winter and the holiday season with this beautifully designed coco doormat.

And it is this season that you will definitely need a doormat to keep your house free of all the muck that snow brings with it. This doormat will politely remind your guests, that hey, it’s snowing outside so wipe your shoes before you come in. And, do not worry; your guests aren’t really going to complain. After all it’s this beautiful mat this is doing all the greeting. And, yes, for Christmas no one ever stays mad for long!

Polar Bear

Polar Bear DoormatWinter is here! It’s time to “winter decorate” your home. Again, if you do not want to be overly Christmassy but are looking for something that will work for you all through winter; then this Polar Bear will do the trick. Perfect way to show your winter and holiday spirit is to place the Polar Bear Doormat at the entrance. Not to mention it is so cute – that Polar Bear! It is wintery, it is welcoming and most of all it is a little offbeat. Showcase your quirk while you get your guests to clean their shoes on this durable mat.

The list of Christmas doormats do not end here.. There are lot more of them at CocoMatsNMore for you to look at.. Head on over to our Christmas Doormats selection for more mats to choose from.

Now, if you are looking at some unique doormats to gift your friends and family, and did not really find what you are looking for in our Christmas doormat selection; then here is an idea.. How about looking to buy a Personalized Doormat for that someone special.
How is this unique? Well, these doormats are premium doormats made from luxuriously thick coco fibres, and, they can be personalized!! Yes, you can get a name or a personal monogram printed on the mat in different colors and you also get to choose from different border styles. It will be a unique one of a kind gift for someone you really care for and a sure way to get into their “friend of the year!” list! Have a look at the range of Premium Personalized Doormats we have to offer.

Have a Happy Christmas!

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Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Happy ThanksgivingNo matter where you are, what you’re doing, Thanksgiving is a day when everyone takes a little break from their busy schedules; to come together and give thanks. Modern day Thanksgiving may not resemble the original 1621 harvest celebration and giving thanks. But, it still is a day that celebrates the coming together of friends and family – to kick back and watch football, come together as a family for dinner and give thanks for all that we have and for all the people that we share it with.

Now, even though you know what needs to done, and you know what you will be cooking, hosting the Thanksgiving dinner can become very stressful very quickly. All that shopping, chopping, cooking and cleaning it takes to feed a crowd can look quite daunting. Questions like – when should you buy the turkey, when should you get that bird thawing, how many people to call and when, can make it feel like climbing a mountain; no matter if it is the 1st time or the 20th time you are doing it. But, relax, it’s not that hard.. really. All it takes to pull off a fabulous, stress and accident free Thanksgiving it to organize yourself – make a list of things to do and prioritize. And, we’ve got you covered on that front. We’ve compiled a list of resources, web pages and to-do’s you can check out that is sure to make that mountain quite easy to climb.

Prepare your Thanksgiving Planning Checklist:

Two weeks to go before Thanksgiving dinner. Have you started getting your dinner checklist ready? If you haven’t, it’s ok!. Get your checklist ready with a little help from the folks at Here you will find very easy, very doable checklist for you starting at 2 weeks before D-Day.

Is that Turkey safe?

In all that cooking frenzy, do not forget one simple rule – make sure your guests do not fall sick after eating your turkey. Be aware of the four main safety issues while cooking that colossal bird: thawing, preparing, stuffing, and cooking to the adequate temperature.

CDC gives you simple tips that all cooks in the kitchen can follow this holiday season for cooking a delicious and safely prepared turkey. You can also read up on these 7 tips for a safe and non-explosive Turkey day from

Kitchen Safety on Thanksgiving day

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and on Thanksgiving it is important that this heart remains a stress free and safe zone. Keeping the kitchen safe is important on this day, when there is a lot of cooking going on and so many people at home. Take the appropriate precautions so you can have a wonderful accident free Thanksgiving. Here are some basic safety tips to follow:

  • Keep an eye on the food: It is preferable that you stay in the kitchen when you are cooking on the stove-top. Be sure to stay at home when cooking your turkey and check on it frequently. Unattended ovens, fryers, stoves and other appliances used during this time could lead to cooking accidents and/or home fires.
  • Keep your children safe: Keep children away from the hot stoves at a safe distance of at least 3 feet. Make sure kids do not come near hot food and liquids – steam or splash from vegetables or gravy can cause serious burns. It is very important to keep knives and other sharp objects out of the reach of children. This also holds true with matches, candles and lighters.
  • Keep you floor clear: Keep the kitchen floor clear of objects that you could trip over. Use good floor mats to prevent slipping on the inevitable food and liquid spillage that happen while cooking. Help your tired feet by placing some anti-fatigue kitchen mats that do not slip and slide around. These will help reduce feet fatigue from standing around for long hours cooking that big dinner.
  • Watch out for those extension cords while using the crock pot, electric knife, coffee maker, plate warmer, or additional TV or electronics. Use duct tape over exposed cords, bundle them up and keep it out of harm’s way so you or your guest do not trips over them.
  • Test you Smoke alarms: Make sure your smoke alarms are working properly before you begin preparations.

Setting the table for dinner

This is probably the most important part. After hours spent in the kitchen cooking up that awesome meal, your dinner table should play it’s part as well. Your dinner table is the focal point where your family and guests gather around to celebrate. Make your table look beautiful and thus enhance the food that will sit on it.

Check out these simple, yet elegant and stylish table setting you can use to get your table setting inspiration this year.

Fall Floral Table SettingFall Flowers: Create a floral centerpiece fit for Thanksgiving by adding berries or mini pumpkins to an arrangement of red, orange and yellow flowers. Rate My Space user Patrick paired this warm floral centerpiece with ice-blue place mats for a striking contrast…

Fall Table Setting


A Thanksgiving table doesn’t have to be over the top to be beautiful. Rate My Space user luvmynugz paired a few subtle fall elements with neutral-colored dinnerware for a look that’s understated yet elegant. Your guests are sure to fall in love with a simple setting like this.

For more of these tried and tested table settings, check out the 15 Stylish Thanksgiving Table Settings from HGTV.

Still looking for more table setting ideas? Then check out some truly inspiring ideas from Southern Living. Whether you are looking for Fresh & Modern, Warm & Rustic, Casual & Stylish and more, these guys have the skinny on it.

Decorating your home

It is not just the table setting you would want to look pretty and inviting. You want your entire home to look gorgeous, that all your dinner guests will love. The guys at BHG gathered dozens of Thanksgiving decorating ideas, from fruit-filled displays and trays of gorgeous gourds to candle collections and natural centerpieces with flowers and leaves; that is simply to die for.

What about the outside of your home you say? It is fairly simple, For the door, a single wicker wreath would do.  You can use a simple wreath or if you fancy something more then, some silk flowers and leaves, maybe some real pine-cones, take a glue gun and attach them to the wreath. This is super simple and can look really beautiful.

A warm welcoming doormat is always a nice touch. If you want to keep it neutral and use the doormat not just for Thanksgiving then you can look through some of our non-holiday specific welcoming doormats. If, just another welcome mat doesn’t do it for you, then look at some of our autumnal doormats, We have the “Almost Plaid Doormat, “Autumn Maple Leaves Doormat”, “Cornucopia Doormat” and the maple “Leaves Welcome Doormat” which will help you decorate your doorway for the season of thanksgiving and give your guests a warm welcome.

Oh! Another thing… be prepared for bad weather. After all the hard work you have put in to making this a memorable Thanksgiving, do not forget to check the news. Weather plays an important factor, remember. If the weather report predicts rain, ice or heavy snow, you can use heated doormats and heated stair & walkway mats. And, it also wouldn’t hurt to use some heated floor mats to keep everyone’s toes warm and toasty while enjoying your scrumptious meal.

We hope that these tips and resources have been of help and we wish you a very Happy and Joyful Thanksgiving!

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A Safe and Happy Haloween

Halloween Safety StatisticsHalloween can be a majestic and wonderful time of the year for children and adults alike. A night to explore the depths of your imagination and embrace a world filled with childlike wonder. In fact we know that you have probably outdone yourself with the scream inducing decorations, perhaps bought out entire sections of the candy aisle so no child goes away empty handed. But, aren’t you forgetting something?

There are many aspects of Halloween that can be dangerous, and that is why we decided to dig deeper and find out the real dangers that lurk around on the dark nights of October the 31st. We created the inforgraphic above to give you a better idea on what really to look out for on this day.

In all the fun and festivities it is very important to do everything you can to make this Halloween safe and accident free for you, your home and all those trick-or-treaters coming to your home. Why spoil the fun this Halloween with an accident that could have been so easily prevented. We’ve put together some easy but important home safety tips that you can follow to make your home a safe haven for all those goblins, witches and mummies who come visiting.

1. Remember that fire can be extremely dangerous, especially around all those energetic little kids running around. But it also presents a very helpful hand, lighting to increase visibility.

  • Avoid candles and live flames in your Halloween decorations. It is safer to use LED or battery operated candles.
  • Use glow sticks for an extra special, extra eerie, green and glowing haunted house look.
  • Use flame-resistant, flame-retardant, or non-combustible materials for decorations and costumes.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy. You never know when that carved pumpkin decides to turn into smoking torch. You definitely do not want that as a decor.
  • Test your fire alarms before the night.

2. Jack-o-Lanterns are a holiday staple, but that in no way makes them safe around little kids and even some not so little ones.

  • It is best not to let your children use sharp carving knives. Keep an eye on them while you’re carving. If they insist on helping, let them draw the patterns or poke the flesh in after you are done carving.
  • Use LED or fairy lights inside pumpkins instead of a candle. Unattended Jack-o-Lanterns lit by candles can easily be tipped over by people and cause costumes or other flammable items to catch fire.
  • If you really want to use candles then place it inside a small dish or tuna can to avoid a fire if the candle tips over.
  • If all of this is too much effort, another option could be to forego the pumpkin altogether and get this scary Halloween, “Jack-O-Lantern” doormat instead. No fuss, no muss, and no fear of setting things on fire.

3. With all those lights flickering outside, Electrical safety should become a priority during this time.

  • If using Halloween lights, keep all the electric cables safely out of the way of curious little hands. Check decorations before use. Cracked, frayed, or bare wires may cause electric shocks or start a fire.
  • Check package instructions: If a package of lights says that they’re only for indoor use, don’t use them outside.
  • Read the fog machine directions. Take care when decorating with things you’re not familiar with.

4. You could be liable for injuries occurring on your property. Here are a few ways you can keep the Outside safe.

  • Make sure you leave enough room for people to walk to the door without bumping into decorations.
  • Clear the area around your home. Put away anything that could cause a child, or an adult to trip and take a fall. It would a good time to get rid of that pink flamingo from your yard!
  • Make sure you are winter ready this Halloween to prevent any accidents related to slipping on ice. Use Heated Walkway Mats to provide a warm (literally) and accident free Halloween.
  • Make sure scary props that pop up and scare trick-or-treaters are safe. Use rubber or fake alternatives to the real deal.
  • Pet proof your house for your pets as well as your guests. Keep pets away from the front porch where they might jump on or bite unfamiliar visitors. This way you will also prevent possible allergic reactions to cats or dogs.

5. Ok, you’ve made sure that people have made it safely to the front door. Now what? You also need to ensure that they stay safe in your home while you are busy hosting that spook-tacular Halloween Party!

  • If there are children around, hide all the breakable stuff. Also, make sure there is sufficient light to see, as they may not be familiar with the layout of your home.
  • Offer only commercially-packaged treats to trick-or-treaters.  You are responsible for the safety of your guests so serve non-alcoholic beverages to your older party guests; and, if you are serving alcohol, do not allow it for anyone who is under-age.
  • Make sure that the party games you have planned are safe. If there are going to be some haunted mansion stunts you want to pull, please be careful. Use proper protective gear to save you and your guests’ rear-ends.
  • Prevent slip and fall injuries: Carve your pumpkin on a newspaper. Make sure to dispose of the pumpkin seeds and the slimy innards into a bowl. Clean up after the carving to make sure the floor is not slippery.

We hope that these simple tips can help you have a wonderful and safe Halloween this year. Please share this knowledge with others and create a safe community for all.

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