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New Designs: Half Round Doormats.

908PP Rice Bran

Half round doormats are such a nice change from the usual. The half round shape means no sharp edges jutting out. The smaller size kind of fits snugly against your doorway. The effect is altogether more satisfying, soft and vintage. Here are some new ones we have just stocked.  Rice Bran Half Round Doormat   […]

Meet the Mats!

Meet the Mats!

Meet Penelope, Magnolia Blossom and Parterre. No, they are not happy beatniks….they’re the names of some of our newest mats! But they could very easily be nature-loving, flower power era people, thanks to their use of all-natural and environmentally safe coir, fade-resistant dyes for printing, and block-print and flower-inspired designs. So, let’s get to know the […]

The Heat is on this Winter!


Happy New Year to all our readers! Hope the year has started out well and continues to move towards great for all you good people out there. So, the holidays are now officially over and work resumes its normal reign over our lives. Separated from the cheer of Christmas trees, holly and twinkly lights, the […]

And More Christmas Mats!

Wrapping Paper

For the last couple of weeks, we have been featuring our collection of Christmas doormats. You can read those posts and check out the featured mats here and here. In what what will be our final shot for the year of warm winter and cheerful Christmas mats, here is a collection of assorted mats that […]

Have a Blue Christmas.

Baby It's Cold

Last week, we introduced you to some very merry doormats. If you missed that post, you can look through the featured collection here. Now, it’s quite possible that you are more of a Winter season than Christmas fan. Or per-r-raps you have more of a blue and white, winter wonderland kinda Christmas in mind this […]

Delicious Potato Recipes for Thanksgi...

Cheesy Mashed Potato Casserole

There is a lot to be thankful for at Thanksgiving. Smiles, having good jobs, just having a job, shopping portals, golden sunny children, a safe country to live in, a mortgage-free house, a brand new car, chocolates, Christmas, holidays in exotic places, a new slim figure, a six-pack and biceps physique, friends, family, food. Speaking […]

Very Merry Doormats!


Time to rock a very merry Christmas, ladies and gentlemen! Tis the season to be jolly and tis a season we wait for every year for its sparkly lights, tinsel and cards, yummy baking smells, crinkling paper-wrapped gifts and the chance to wrap up in cuddly woolies. Feel the love? So do we! And if […]

Recessed Well Matting from Cocomatsnm...

Custom Coir Recessed Well Mat Roll

Commercial premises come with their own requirements and factors that influence the kind of matting that would work optimally for them. Premises such as stores and malls experience heavy foot and wheeled traffic. Others see more people than carts and trolleys. In some premises, first impressions matter but so does the budget. Each of these […]

How to make a rug from used plastic b...

Rug by Maria Westerberg

We’re tree huggers at heart! It pleases us mightily when someone purchases our coir doormats—all of which have been made from 100% natural coir and are, hence, tree huggers like us! Let’s face it people, we have one earth and it’s the only real home we will be passing on to our kids. Let’s make […]

Growing Herbs at Home.

Growing Herbs at Home.

Everyone loves herbs! Fans of Italian cooking will know that herbs are central to the Roman palate. Herbs can work wonders in any cuisine actually. They impart that zingy lightness to your full-bodied broths and curries. They contribute irrepressible flavor to otherwise subdued dishes. And they can make the most worn-out taste buds come back […]

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