A Summer of Memes.

Anything heavier that a pair of crocs is too heavy for summer. This is the right time for something uncomplicated, light, breezy and fun. The last time we looked, at the point those four things met was a meme…sitting right beside the beer! So, here are some summer-related memes to set the mood.

Summer Hogging

Source: http://cdn.funniestmemes.com

Parents are partly responsible for the situation above. The urge to stuff something in every time a child opens his or her mouth to say “Im bored” is overwhelming.

Summer Lazing

Source: www.diylol.com

Yeah, because, as we all know, work is what you do in non-summer months.

Summer Seas

Source: www.memerial.net

Can’t figure out what is more cold: friends like these or the blue sea.

Summer Stealing

Source: www.funniestmemes.com

That’s your food they’re talking about, by the way.

Summer Breaks

Source: www.bergmannfitness.com

Even diets take summer breaks.  Besides, diets can wait, ice cream won’t.

Summer Sunning

This one’s living the dream—the only person on a virgin, white-sand, private beach.

Summer Swaeting

Source: www.heavy.com

Heh heh…at the right temperatures, a lot of people will know what he is talking about.

Summer Working

Source: www.heavy.com

Everyone wants to lose this battle in summer. Everyone.

Summer Road Rage

Source: www.cheeseburger.com

Bubble wrap. Always better than bubbling rage.

Summer Shaving

Source: www.thefunniestpictures.com

Ladies, the season you have been waiting for is here!

Summer Unready

Source: www.instatagphoto.com

And then you hit the gym and expect, hope and pray for a miracle!

Summer Heat Hell

Source: www.memegen.com

We’re not sure either, but this too shall pass. Pretty quickly if you are at the beach.

Stay cool everyone.

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The Beach on Your Doorstep.

Summer is about to blaze into your hitherto spring-happy life. It will bring with it the vacations, lazy bumming, towering glasses of lemonade and flip flops. Did we mention the heat?  So, the sun that was so mellow and friendly in spring will be turning into a malevolent beast with the turn of April.  He’s out to make you sweat. He‘s going to make you break out and bicker.  And he would have had the upper hand, had it not been for the beach—the coolest place to be on hot summer days.

Beaches are the perfect antidote to the maddening heat. The beach is home to the cool sea, the little grains of gold called sand and that distant horizon where the china blue sky blends into the aquamarine water. It is the place to go for tans, bumming, bikinis, water sports and dips into the salty sea.

Doormats do not go to beaches—they’re just not cut out for that sort of a thing. They can, however, bring the beach home to you. Check out our selection of sunny, summery beach-based doormats and see how they add a touch of light-hearted beachiness to your doorstep.

Welcome Beach Doormat

Sun umbrellas, starfish and shiny shells, ice cream, suntan lotion, beach towels, bikinis, flip flops, beach balls, sand castles and beach volleyball are just some of the migratory delights that can be spotted on beaches this summer. All we can say is Welcome Summer!

Welcome Beach Doormat

Sunbathing Doormat

Sunbathing is a favourite summer-time delight. All you need is one bottle of suntan oil, one untanned person, one beach towel/deckchair and straw hat/sunglasses (optional). Start by rubbing the oil liberally all over the untanned person. Let the person lie on the towel or deckchair. Add straw hat or sunglasses as per taste. Now let the sun slowly roast the untanned person to a lovely golden brown color. Remove from heat and decorate with something in bright-colored cotton. Goes well with a cool drink in hand.

Sunbathing Doormat

Beach Yay Place Doormat

This is for those who go Yay at even the thought of the beach.

Yay Beach Doormat

Sea Shells Doormat

No one can resist the iridescent beauty of sea shells scattered along empty beaches. We always pick a few in a bucket, a beach towel, a scarf or a straw hat and bring back home these underwater-coloured jewels from the wealth of the ocean. And sometimes, you find them scattered on a doormat.

Sea Shells Doormat

Aloha Hibiscus Doormat

Though this is not strictly a beach doormat, who can dare to disassociate the beach from Aloha? After all, a beach-y island holiday in Hawaii is always on everyone’s wish list. And you’ll get there some day soon. Until then, this mat will be a reminder that the best things in life are waiting for you on an island not all that far from home.

Aloha Doormat

There are more mats that embody the sunny summer beach spirit. Come on over and check them out at www.cocomatsnmore.com

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A Place Called Home.

Where is home for you? For some, it is a plush apartment in an upper class quarter of the city. For others, it’s a charming house in the countryside. Perhaps a quaint cottage on a green leafy lane? For those who like going places, it could be a caravan that’s always on the move. Then again, maybe a bungalow by the foamy blue sea or a serene lakehouse fits the bill.

No matter what your idea of a perfect home is, our doormats are perfectly at home outside it.

Home is Where the Welcome Mat is Doormat

Home is where the Welcome Doormat isEver notice how people’s homes are a reflection of their personalities? From the location to the style of house, the decor, and art on the walls, houses give out clues about the people who live in them. If your heart has decided to call a place home, put a doormat outside it and make it official.

Home Doormat

HomeImagine spending 2 hours stuck in the slowest-moving traffic. Imagine working so hard you forget what happened to the hours between 9 am and 5 pm. Imagine spending 2 months on the road, living out of a suitcase. And then imagine walking up to your door and seeing this mat. There really is no place as comforting as home.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet HomeNo matter how plush your office is, how high flying your job is, how hard you party, what kind of a globetrotter you are, how many fancy places you’ve been to or how glamorous, glitzy and wild your life is, there is only one place where you can just be you. That place is home sweet home.

Home is where the Beach is Doormat

Home is where the Beach isWho doesn’t like the beach? It has the sea, it has sand, it has sunshine, it has beach bumming. And if you are really lucky, it hosts your house. A doormat for those with beach-front homes as well as those whose unofficial address is the beach.

Home is Where the WiFi is Automatic Doormat

Home is where the WiFi is AutomaticThere are some among us for whom WiFi is like oxygen. There’s no life for them—or their devices—without it. After logging in and out of WiFi networks all over the city, you know you are home when your welcome is in the form of automatically connected WiFi.

Icon Doormat

Home Icon Vinyl Back Coco Doormat

If you got this doormat, then do get this doormat.

There are many other doormats available on www.cocomatsnmore.com. Feel free to drop in any time and look through them.


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Doormats That Love Cats.

A couple of weeks ago, we did a post about mats for dog lovers. Immediately after posting it, however, a thought clawed its way into our minds: what about the cats? We could see visions of miffed cats speaking in hissy voices of a dog bias. We’d like to reassure our feline friends that we love everyone equally. To prove it, here’s a post about our range of mats for those among you who are owned by cats.

A cat is a different creature from the creature a dog is. Where dogs have all the sweaty and over-the-top enthusiasm of an entire fan club rolled into one person, cats are filled with secret worlds and mysterious spots that are off limits to outsiders. A dog says, “I am wildly happy to be here…can’t think straight…please feel free to take control of the situation.” A cat, on the other hand, can steadily stare at you till you are forced to look away abashedly, proving once and for all who is really in charge.

Our collection of cat lover mats will allow you to show your cat-love off to all who step up to your door.

Never Knowingly Used Catnip Doormat

A cat on weed is the kind of challenge that gamers face in action games. However, on this mat, the cat solemnly and innocently claims it has never had catnip…knowingly.  You will just have to take the cat’s word for it ‘cos you’ll never ever really for sure know the truth.

Never Knowingly Used Catnip Doormat

We Decorate with Cats Doormat

Cats are gorgeous creatures—languid, fluid, graceful and sure-footed. Their slanted green and golden eyes, their perfect noses, their shiny coats are all such pleasing features as they lie around your house, creating perfect portraits of repose.

We Decorate With Cats Doormat

Cat Day 751 Doormat

If your cat kept a diary, you would never…ever know about it. So this doormat is, basically, the closest you’ll ever come to knowing what kind of stuff she would scribble in it.

Cat Day 751 Doormat

Home of the World’s Best Cat Doormat

Well, once you’ve fallen for the charms of Miss Fluffybum and Slanted Eyes, you will find that this mat is an apt representation of your sentiments…and those of every other cat owner in the world.

World's Best Cat Doormat

Visitors Approved by Cat Doormat

So, yes, the cat does take its status as owner pretty seriously. What’s that? You’re the owner, you say? Yep, sure. (Giggle giggle…snicker snicker)

Cat Approved Visitors Doormat

Two Cats Doormat

Two little cats sitting on the doormat. One said: Scare the dog? The other said: Ooh, I’d like that! Have you ever considered the possibility that your darling kittens may be more famous around the neighbourhood as Double Trouble?

Two Cats Doormat

Autumn Cat Doormat

This is less a doormat laid out on your porch, more an autumn-hued painting of your most favourite animal in the world.

Autumn Cat Doormat

These mats also make great gifts for friends and families who own cats. We have a wide selection of doormats and matting solutions for homes. Check them out on www.cocomatsnmore.com

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The Friendliness of a Welcome Doormat

Funny, witty and rude doormats have their place and we’re saying they are great fun. You have to admit, though, that it does feel good when you walk up to a doorstep—someone else’s or your own—and the doormat sends out a cheerful welcome to you.

A Welcome doormat is a great way to make guests feel appreciated and welcome even before you open the door. We’ve handpicked a few to help you get an idea.

It does not matter kind of a place you live in—a trailer, an apartment, a cottage, a boat—if it welcomes you at the end of the day, it is home. And as we all know, home is where the heart…and the doormat is. The Home is Where the Welcome Doormat.

Home is where the welcome mat is

Well cowboys and cowgirls, had your fill of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly at work? Then come on over home where you can hang up your boots for the day. This Cowboy Welcome Doormat is more than happy to welcome you home.

Cowboy Welcome Doormat

If your gorgeous house is a wholesome vanilla cake, then your warm and caring hospitality is the icing on it. And this cute little Cherry Welcome Doormat is the cherry on top.

Cherry Welcome Doormat

Like to say it with flowers? Then you may find the Lavender Welcome Doormat to your liking. The delicate sprig of lavender next to the welcome sign will please those who like all things delicate and elegant.

Lavendar Welcome Doormat

There are people in this world who pig out on bacon…and cannot, for the love of breakfast, understand how people live without it. If you are one of them then the Bacon Welcome Doormat will meat…sorry meet with your approval.

Bacon Welcome Doormat


It may be a jungle out there, but, apparently, it can be a jungle in here too.  With the Welcome to the Jungle Doormat, you have done your duty of putting up a warning signpost for your guests. If they are intrepid enough to enter in, they get to meet the animals!

Welcome to the Jungle Doormat


This is a good mat for those whose teenage drama queens have graduated and have found jobs in important cities.  Or for people who don’t have to answer to a boss anymore. Or for people who have finally finished paying their mortage. In other words, the Welcome to Paradise Doormat is meant to grace the doors of people who are living one hell of a happy life.

Welcome to Paradise Doormat


There are more Welcome mats on www.cocomatsnmore.com. You are welcome to search through our range.


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The Dog Lover’s Doormat.

Before you read the post, please answer the following questions in Yes or No:

  • You have, at least once in your life, had some furniture (mostly sofa mattresses) ripped to shreds or tiny, tiny, very tiny unrecognizable bits.
  • You have lived with someone with disgusting breath, overgrown fingernails and unshaved body hair, and you don’t think there’s anything abnormal about it.
  • You always have company at home…sometimes even when…ahem…peeing.
  • You now know that smelling other people’s butts is less of socially deviant behavior, more of a “let’s see what you ate today” thing.

If you have answered Yes to all of the above, then you are a dog’s human! And this post has been specially created for you and your furry housemates.

People who own dogs are a different breed altogether. It’s like their whole existence has now been successfully—and happily—synced with their dog’s life. As a dog owner, you pretty much know what we are talking about, don’t you?

So, for all you who feel totally loved in spite of all your flaws, for you who cannot recall the last time you enjoyed a day of bark-free peace, here is a collection of bow wow doormats.


We absolutely love the Yay Dogs Doormat. Man’s best friend? Man’s most loyal buddy? We definitely think that’s something to go yay about.




So, there are these particularly happy, super-excited dogs that become incontinent when they see you…or a bee or a ball or an entire steak on their plates.  Guests could consider themselves warned with the We’re Excited Pee on the Floor Doormat.


funny-doormat-welcome-diversityHumans are boring when it comes to diversity. We’re not really all that different looking under the skin. Now dogs, they know what diversity is all about. Dachshunds, German Shepherds, Huskies, Bull Dogs, Chihuahuas, Labradors, Pugs, Beagles…with the Welcome Diversity Doormat, the list of who is welcome can be endless!

Wipe your paws. After that you can Come, Sit, Shake Hand and Eat. If you want, you can Roll Over and nap for a bit because soon it will be Time for a Walk. The Wipe your Paws Doormat is a must-have for every home that converses in dog language.


The We Love Big Mutts Doormat should grace the doorway when your living space is shared by big bums with tails who lounge around on the sofa all day. The only time when they really move it is when you say: Time for a walk ol’ boy!


Obedience School
For homes of dogs who have flunked obedience school only because they chose to graduate with full marks from the K9 Academy of Mischief.  The Obedience School Doormat.


There are many more fun mats that dog lover can choose from on www.cocomatsnmore. Drop by and search for dog mats. Also check out our range of funny mats.

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The Spring Thing!

Spring is in the air! But then you already knew that as the first fingers of warm weather reach out to you. China blue skies, sunny sunshine and lovely weather are all on the cards. After winter’s cold spell, we bet you are all set to welcome good-natured spring into your life and home. But before you do, let it brush its happy feet on some great new mats we have at www.cocomatsnmore.com

Our new collection is light-hearted, fresh and fun. Taking their cue from the season, these mats are all set to give your doorway a fun make-over.

And to make a good thing even better, we have a spring sale going on till March 13, 2015 with great discounts for you. There’s not a minute to waste, so let’s take a look at the new designs on sale!

Vinyl Back Hola Coir Doormat

Hola Vinyl Back Coco Doomat

When it comes to greetings, it’s difficult to the beat the upbeat, infectious cheerfulness of Hola! We have put that on your mat with the Vinyl Back Hola Coir Doormat. Your guests will feel the bonhomie before they even enter your home.


Vinyl Back Hello Coir Doormat

Vinyl Back Hello Coir Doormat


We can even get friendly in English with the Vinyl Back Hello Coir Doormat.




A doormat for those whose friends can take it in the right spirit! The Vinyl Back Bring Your Own Beer Coir Doormat has a frothy, bubbly sense of humor.

Vinyl Back Bring Your Own Beer Coir Doormat

Vinyl Back Bring Your Own Beer Coir Doormat

Welcome your bros with this Vinyl Back Sup Coir Doormat. It’s the right doormat to place outside your favorite hangout spot.

Vinyl Back Sup Coir Doormat

Vinyl Back Sup Coir Doormat

Home Icon Vinyl Back Coco Doormat

Home Icon Vinyl Back Coco Doormat


Welcome Home Icon Vinyl Back Doormat

Welcome Home Icon Vinyl Back Doormat

The Vinyl Back Home Icon Coir Doormat uses the Internet icon for Home. It’s quirky, clever and relevant.



If you want, you can even drive the welcome point home with the Vinyl Back Welcome Home Coir Doormat.





Those who love bicycles will love the Vinyl Back Bike Coir Doormat and the Vinyl Back Red Bike Coir Doormat. These mats may not go places themselves, but word about their coolth may travel.

Vinyl Back Bicycle Coir Doormat

Vinyl Back Bicycle Coir Doormat


Vinyl Back Red Bicycle Coir Doormat

Vinyl Back Red Bicycle Coir Doormat

If you make it your business to be a good host or hostess, then here’s your doormat. The Vinyl Back We’re Open Coir Doormat announces your good intentions loud and clear.

Vinyl Back We're Open Coir Doormat

Vinyl Back We’re Open Coir Doormat

Pay your neighbor a compliment with the Vinyl Back Better Neighbors Coir Doormat. A smart neighbor will smell a rat!

Vinyl Back Better Neighbors Coir Doormat

Vinyl Back Better Neighbors Coir Doormat

A little bit of discipline has never harmed anyone and the Vinyl Back We are Watching You Coir Doormat knows a thing or two about it.

Vinyl Back We are Watching You Coir Doormat

Vinyl Back We are Watching You Coir Doormat


Vinyl Back Be Nice or Go Away Coir Doormat

Vinyl Back Be Nice or Go Away Coir Doormat


Warn trouble—every kind of it—before it walks in through your door! The Vinyl Back Be Nice or Go Away Coir Doormat is a fun way to send out a message.






Macho mats with mustaches. The Vinyl Back Mustache Coir Doormat and the Vinyl Back Mustache Pattern Coir Doormat are examples of the mustache making a comeback.

Vinyl Back Mustache Coir Doormat

Vinyl Back Mustache Coir Doormat


Vinyl Back Mustache Pattern Coir Doormat

Vinyl Back Mustache Pattern Coir Doormat


And if design is your thing, then the Vinyl Back Multi-Pattern Coir Doormat may be pleasing to your eye.We also have the Vinyl Back Triangles Coir Doormat and Vinyl Back Arrow Coir Doormat.

Vinyl Back Multi-Pattern Coir Doormat

Vinyl Back Multi-Pattern Coir Doormat


Vinyl Back Arrows Coir Doormat

Vinyl Back Arrows Coir Doormat

And now about the discounts! Get 25% off on the new designs and on bright color mats (Promo Code: SUNSHINE2015) and 15% off on snow-melting mats that will melt the snow in your driveway (Promo Code: NOSNOW2015). This is a limiter period offer and valid till the 13th of March 2015. So what you waiting for….

Happy Shopping everyone!

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Rubber doormats and flooring solutions for commercial and industrial spaces.

In the last two posts, we learned about the properties and benefits that make rubber such an indispensable material in flooring solutions (Read that post here). We have also looked at doormats and flooring products for domestic use that are available with cocomatsnmore (Read that post here). In this post, we will look at the uses of rubber mats and flooring products in commercial spaces.

Business and commercial premises have different needs and specifications as compared to homes. Here doormats have to serve a utilitarian function as well as convey sophistication. We have a range of products that are specially designed to handle these needs.


The most basic function of a doormat in a commercial premise is to keep dirt off the interior floors. The Entrance Guard Mat and the Entrance Fingertips Mat are great at this job. They have a surface composed of rubber fingers that scrape dirt off the soles of shoes, making them excellent bootscraper mats.

Fingertips Entrance Mat

Fingertips Entrance Mat


Bombay Mats are made out of UV Polypropylene material backed by rubber. These mats come in a variety of colours and can be monogrammed.

Bombay Mats

Bombay Mat


The Trigrip Rubber Backing Mats have a nylon surface backed by rubber. They are great for places and spots where there are greater chances of liquid spills and, hence, slipping. They can even be used as a protective cover over carpets. Likewise, the Waterhog Classic Mat is skid-resistant and handy to be used in washrooms and even outdoors. The mats are made from 100% UV polypropylene fabric that will not fade in the sun and can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. The raised rubber “water dam” border traps dirt and water, keeping them off carpets and floors where they can create an unsightly mess. The mats can also be printed with your company logo or a message as is the case with the Waterhog Impressions Mat.

Waterhog Impressions Mat

Waterhog Impressions Mat

If you want to personalize your mats, you may also want to look at Digiprint Rubber Backed Mats. They happen to be one of our top selling mats!

Digiprint Rubber Backed Mats

Digiprint Rubber Backed Mat


Rubber Tiles

Rubber tiles are fantastic when you want floor covering that looks elegant and yet delivers the benefits offered by rubber. The Anti-Fatigue Mats—RX Mat—Rubber Snap Tiles are a great choice for those involved in jobs that require long durations of being on the feet.

Indoor sports and athletic facilities could benefit greatly from Indoor sports and athletic facilities could benefit greatly from Jumbo Reversible Soft Floor Foam Puzzle Mats. These tile-style mats are specially designed for martial arts floor (ideal for Taekwondo and Karate) or any other workout area requiring padded flooring. They create a durable, comfortable and cushioned surface that is ideal for training.  The mats are non-toxic, lead-free, latex-free and, therefore, completely safe. Their shock absorbent and anti-fatigue properties make them ideal for martial arts, boxing, tumbling, playgrounds, water parks and schools.

Tire Tiles are made of recycled truck tires and are ideal for use in heavy traffic indoor and outdoor areas. Their durability makes them perfect for heavy wear and tear areas including airports, commercial buildings, department stores, golf pro shops and more.


Tire Tiles

Tire Tiles

Rubber Rolls

Rubber Rolls matting is made using the advanced polymer bonding process. The result is comparably softer mats than the ones made using the vulcanization process. Rolled RubberPolymer bonded mats are designed to give the utmost strength, resilience and cushioning even after years of extensive use. Eco-friendly Rolled Rubber Mats are made from 100% recycled rubber. They can be used in a wide variety of ways including lining aisles/walkways, livestock trailers and miniature horse stalls.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

The Anti-Fatigue—Workers Delight Marbleized Rubber Mats and the Anti-Fatigue—Cushion Step Marbleized Rubber Mats are great for employees whose jobs involve standing for long durations of time. If you want a more custom-fitted solution, you can opt for the Anti-Fatigue Mats—RX mat—Rubber Snap Tiles.


The V-Groove Corrugated Rubber Runner Matting are a great idea in factories, finishing/assembly stations, warehouses, greenhouses, halls and aisles where there is heavy cart traffic. The rib-tooth design improves traction, providing slip protection. As against noisy tiles, the matting reduces noise.

Horse Stall Mats

We have a range of products for horse stalls—everything from Horse Stall Mats for Foaling and Wash Stall Mats to Portable Horse Grooming Mats. Discover our entire range at: http://www.cocomatsnmore.com/sport-mats-specialty-mats/horse-mats/horse-stall-mats.html

To better understand how our products can fit your commercial flooring needs, check out: http://www.cocomatsnmore.com/commercial-mats.html and http://www.cocomatsnmore.com/sport-mats-specialty-mats.html



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Rubber doormats and flooring solutions for your home.

In last week’s post, you learned about rubber—its properties and uses as doormats and flooring options for your home and commercial spaces. (Read the post here). This week, we will look at the range of rubber-based doormats, tiles and flooring products available on www.cocomatsnmore.com. Materials used range from vulcanized or virgin rubber, recycled rubber, coir-rubber and synthetic fabric-rubber combinations as well as plain synthetic rubber. We love using rubber because it is safe, durable and hassle-free to use, all of which translate into numerous benefits for you as the end user. Design is not compromised on in the bargain, and the mats look elegant and stylish, adding aesthetic appeal to your home.

Let’s take a look at some rubber doormats and flooring products we have for your home.

Rubber Doormats

Doormats form an integral part of home decor. In fact, a doormat is the first thing your guests see when they visit, so a good-looking doormat can be a worthy preamble to your home. We have a range of mats on the cocomatsnmore online store. Depending on your needs and preferences, there is a wide variety of styles, sizes, shapes and designs to choose from. There’s bound to be a mat that matches your particular design sensibilities.

The Napoleon Recycled Rubber Doormat

If you are big on environment protection, then you may want to look at doormats made out of recycled rubber.  The Napoleon Recycled Rubber Doormat and the Rosemary Welcome Recycled Rubber Doormat are great examples of recycled rubber taking on a new gorgeous avatar.  You may also like the recycled rubber-coir combination mats like the Tulips Half Round Recycled Rubber Bootscraper Doormat.


Brigoder Rubber Back Coir Doormat

Brigoder Rubber Back Coir Doormat

The vulcanized rubber-coir combination can look surprisingly good as is evident with the Brigoder Rubber Backed Coir Doormat.

Synthetic fibers and rubber also make for a winning combination in terms of utility and durability. An example would be the versatile Waterhog Recycled Rubber Doormat.  Its high water absorption property makes it ideal for outdoor use in wet environments or for indoor use in bathrooms or kitchens, where there is a high chance of spillage. Synthetic rubber doormats such as the Flowers Weather Beater offer the benefits of ruggedness and the ability to endure even the most adverse weather conditions.

You even have the option of personalizing mats with a monogram or by printing your name on them. Take a look at the Acanthus Rubber Name Doormat and the Acanthus Border Monogram mat to get an idea.

Acanthus Rubber Name Doormat

Acanthus Rubber Name Doormat

Rubber mats also have outdoor uses. The Tire Track Recycled Rubber Doormat is immensely useful to provide grip and traction to your driveway during snow or in wet muddy conditions.

Rubber Stair Treads

Rubber stair treads make an otherwise drab staircase look all spruced up and elegant. They also protect the wood of the stairs, reducing wear and tear. If you have kids and elderly people at home, these mats with their rubber backing are skid-resistant and, therefore, safe. The Panama Filigree Rubber Backed Coir Stair Tread will give you an idea of what we are talking about.

Panama Filigree Stair Treads

Panama Filigree Stair Tread

Soft Floors

The Soft Floors tiles are made out of close cell EVA foam rubber. They are lightweight, portable, waterproof, soundproof, aerobic, shock absorbent and insulating. These tiles are a great way to cover your basement or garage floor, but can be used anywhere. They also have designed variants for children’s rooms.

We have many more options, designs and products that your home could benefit from. Look through our extensive range on www.cocomatsnmore.com

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All you need to know about rubber flooring, mats and tiles.



Natural fiber mats and flooring add a certain class and elegance to your home and office floors. That’s undeniable. However, when you require elegance with durability and ease of maintenance added on, it’s best to consider rubber mats and flooring. They come with a host of qualities that make so such of sense that you may wonder why you never thought about them earlier. Let’s take a look at some of those qualities.

Pet-friendly: If you have pets at home, rubber flooring and mats are just plain pragmatic. Tough against the onslaught of paws, easy to clean and long lasting, they are one less thing your pet can chew and destroy.

Environment-friendly: Rubber mats, tiles and flooring made out of recycled tires are easy on the environment as well as your pocket.

Noise reducing: Rubber, with its sound deadening quality, reduces noise in work places, studios and gyms. It makes excellent sound-proofing material. In fact, rubber features prominently in the materials used for sound-proofing home studios.

Safe: Rubber flooring and tiles offer safety in gyms, play spaces and any area involving indoor athletics. They are shock absorbent and reduce the impact of falls and consequent injuries.

Easy to Clean: Rubber tiles and flooring are easy to clean. Mop with a mild detergent and sponge/mop, sweep with a broom or vacuum and you are good to go.

Anti-Fatigue: Rubber cushions the feet and, hence, reduces the strain caused by regular fitness and work-related physical activity. Rubber anti-fatigue mats are great for workers and staff whose job involves standing all day.

Easy to Mold: Rubber can be molded into a variety of designs, from intricate to sturdy, depending on a variety of needs.  Some companies even offer product customization options for those with a creative streak!

Durable: Rubber mats and flooring are tough and can endure more wear and tear. This makes them last longer and also makes great economic sense.

Types of Rubber
When it comes to flooring, there are three main types of rubber materials used.

Virgin Rubber
Natural rubber—new rubber tapped as latex from trees—is heated and chemically treated or vulcanized to make it easy to mold and more resilient. This is then used to create products. Vulcanized rubber is tough, long lasting and enjoys wide application in various industries. It is also used to produce rubber mats and flooring for homes and offices.


Recycled Rubber
Recycled rubber re-uses old discarded automobile tires by putting them through the de-vulcanization process. This process strips rubber of added chemicals and restores it close to its natural state. The resultant ‘crumb’ is then treated chemically and remolded into new products. The recycled rubber derived from this process is almost as durable and tough as vulcanized rubber. It can be used in most industries barring a few. It is environment-friendly, which is its most important feature. Rubber mats, tiles and flooring use a substantial amount of recycled rubber for its resilience and shock absorption properties. It is also more cost-effective, an advantage that gets directly passed down to the consumer.

Synthetic Rubber
As the name suggests, synthetic rubber is rubber that has been made synthetically. Unlike natural rubber that comes the Rubber Tree, synthetic rubber is manufactured by the polymerization of a range of petroleum-based precursors called monomers. In certain forms, this type of rubber is superior to natural rubber, offering thermal stability and compatibility with petroleum products (Wikipedia). Synthetic rubber has wide usage in various industries. Certain types of rubber tiles, mats and flooring use rubber foam and urethane because of their specific properties.


Now that you have a basic understanding of rubber mats and flooring—their properties, features and advantages—you will be in a better position to gauge their effectiveness as solutions for your home and office requirements.

Don’t miss next week’s post! We will be talking about the range of rubber mats and flooring options that CocomatsNMore offers you.

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