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Go Green.

So, you have decided to go green…with your interiors, at least. It may not be exactly what your environmentalist friends had in mind, but hey, it’s a start. Green is a rich, luxurious colour, which, when used well, can be quite chic. Think Jade and Emerald artifacts, rich green tropical décor, pale green patina on your roof, green and gold Chinese vases, thick juicy-leaved potted plants and rich deep green Persian carpets. Yes, green most definitely has the potential to be very elegant and exotic in the hands of a discerning lifestyler.

If you have got your mind fixed on green, then do not let the space outside your door jar with your interiors. We have a selection of lovely green mats that will go well with any green decor intentions you may have.


Look at this mat! Who wouldn’t feel proud to have this green number outside their door. And if green is the colour theme you’ve chosen for your home, well, that’s just another reason to say wow!



Pleasing on the eye and in line with all your decor ideas, this mat is a delight to see when you get home.




This mat is just such a punch of colour on your doorstep! The green gradient zigzag lines look fresh and contemporary.


Luscious Green

This floral green and yellow mat is simple yet eye-catching.


One Daisy on Green

The eternal freshness of a daisy on green has been captured by this mat for posterity.

One daisy on green

Trio of Birds

This dark green mat with white birds is so fresh and to look at. The Japanese style illustration will add Eastern exoticness to your front door.

Bird Trio

Two Lips

The delicate papery beauty of tulips on green remind you of a walk in the garden.

Two Lips

There are other mats, some with more green, some with less. Check them out on

Half Round Doormats: Recycled Rubber

There is an undeniable vintage charm to half round doormats. It is as potent today as it was all those years ago. For one, a half round doormat fits neatly around your doorframe. Second, the semi-circular shape is immensely pleasing on the eyes, with its round edges and the flat back that fits snugly against the door. And if you are also into environmental love, the recycled rubber half round doormats will certainly wriggle into your good books! The mats are made from used rubber tires that make a comeback in a gorgeous new avatar rather than end up in landfills that ugly up the earth.

We’ve put together a small collection of half round doormats made from recycled rubber. Hope you like em!

Grid Leaves Half Round Recycled Rubber Doormat


Leaves wound around a grid–pretty and practical.

Half Round Recycled Rubber Doormat


Delicate tendrils form a design that wraps itself around your heart.

Pineapple Semi Circle Recycled Rubber Doormat


And pineapples are for more than just eating, apparently!

Pins Half Round Recycled Rubber Doormat


This nonsense mat does not take any nonsense from the soles of your shoes either.

Rosemary Welcome Recycled Rubber Doormat


Now, who wouldn’t feel happy just looking at this pretty thing!

There’s more where these came from on Drop in to check them out.

Hey there, Sunshine!

Who can resist the golden charm of happy sunny-yellow flowers? Sunflowers are the sun’s chosen ambassadors in the flora-fauna world. Their rich color, a reminder of summer days. Their form, it takes after the sun—large and impressive, with petals that fan out like the sun’s warm golden rays. They even have a sunny disposition, bending and swaying in an animated conversation with the talkative, gossipy wind. Marigolds are equally sunny, with petals that spread out like soft golden ripples. As for chrysanthemums, their wealth of slim yellow petals look delicate and charming.

If you are a fan of golden yellow friendly flowers, we have a couple of mats that you may like to add warmth to your doorstep.

Checkers Sunflower Doormat


This mat has the freshness of a brand new day, with its optimistic yellow sunflowers and the blue swatch of sky blue in a black and white border.

One Sunflower Doormat


All the gorgeous warmth of the sunflower, distilled into this mat.

Marigold Doormat


The quest for gold ends at your doorstep.

Chrysanthemum Doormat


This doormat is part a dirt scaper, part art.

Mums Doormat


Golden filaments come together to add shine to your doorway.

Painted Flowers Doormat

Painted Flowers

Just seeing this doormat can improve your mood, don’t you think?

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Listening to Lines.

Our mats use pick-up lines. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the lines they use to woo you into bringing them home.

Cabana Stripes Doormat

Cabana Doormat

The blue and white lines of this coir mat are so reminiscent of the beach that they’ll have you at Hello.

Multi-colored Stripes Doormat

Multi Coloured Stripes Doormat

This coir mat is not taking any chances. It has put all it’s true colors on display and is hoping you like what you see.

Burgundy Stripes Doormat

Burgundy Striped Doormat

Rich burgundy lines are talking about elegance and style on this coir mat. Are you listening?

Piano Doormat


This coir mat thinks it’s good looking enough to get you to dance to its tunes. What do you think?

Home Doormat

Home Sweet Home

This mat gets straight to the point: take me home cos that’s where I belong.

Bell Exotic Wood Mat


This wood mat says: I am not only pretty, I am pretty tough too. The vivid colors and tough wood material ensure you don’t have bother with a new mat for a long time.

Not into the lines of striped doormats? Well, check out other mats on We’ve got all sorts.

5 Exotic Succulent Plants for Your Home.

A couple of weeks ago we had done a post on terrariums. You got a chance to see exactly how a simple terrarium can add delicate green gorgeousness to your indoor and outdoor spaces. You can read that post here.

But what do you plant inside those terrariums? Pretty little green things called succulents. These turgid little green plants are so easy to please and sturdy that they grow happily in anything from a terrarium to a pot to a glass bowl. We’ve picked 5 particularly popular and good-looking varieties of succulents for you to consider.



Image Courtesy:

The plump twirls of the Graptopetalum leaves lend a certain heaviness to the plant and can fill up any pot or space in which they are planted. When the plant stems get too long, simply cut them off and replant in dry soil to grow a new plant.



Image Courtesy:

There are two varieties of Kalanchoe plants: ones with spoon-shaped leaves and ones with fuzzy leaves. These succulents thrive beautifully in places with plenty of sunlight or mild shade and are sturdy and hassle-free to maintain.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

Image Courtesy:

To begin with, there is nothing cactus-like about this beautiful plant. The Christmas Cactus has these lovely red-pink flowers that add warm vibrancy to your home. Probably the more delicate variety of the succulent family, this one does not need direct sunlight as too much heat can burn it. Also keep it away from all sources of heat. This makes it ideal for indoor planting.



Image Courtesy:

This one’s a beauty among succulents. Echeveria are easy to take care of and come in resplendent colors—Blue Curls with the blue-tinged tips, pink-colored Afterglow, lavender Perle von Nurnberg and purple Black Prince. Grow them in pots indoors or in garden beds outdoors. Mild warm weather agrees with them.

Burro’s Tail

Burro's Tail

Image Courtesy:

One look at the Burro’s Tail plant and you know from where it got its name. The gray-green or gray-blue leaves can grow up to 3 feet long. The long tail-like stems are best displayed from a hanging pot or one kept on a stand. These long-limbed plants grow well in medium to high light.

These are just 5 of the many varieties out there. Besides looking exotic, these plants are generally easy to care for. If you have been thinking of encouraging the green thumb in you, these plants are a good place to start.

Happy planting!

Doormats with a Geometric Angle.

A square can be full of triangles. A triangle is always half of a square. If these are the kind of things you thought of in your day-dreaming time in class, guess you are a geometry fan? And we’re saying it’s a good thing, because for most of us, geometry and its evil sibling trigonometry visited us only in nightmares…mainly before exams.

Well, whether or not we were fans of the subject in school, geometrical shapes have gone on to win us all over in art, fashion, design and interiors.

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How to build a Terrarium.

Have you ever gone to a friend’s place, seen a tropical rainforest growing in a glass bowl and gone: “Wow! This is so cool, this…this…what is this thing called?”

It’s called a Terrarium, we learnt the hard way.  A terrarium is a sealable glass container inside which plants grow.  It simulates the Earth’s soil structure, with large pebbles at the bottom and layers of soil on top of it. To understand the unique way in which a terrarium works, check out this Wiki about it.  To put it simply, it’s a miniature greenhouse.  Of course, not all terrariums need to be sealed. Some, which house less water-hungry, sturdier plants, can be left open.

We don’t know how to build a terrarium, but Ikea knows all about it. In fact, it has a wonderful little tutorial, which we are giving you in this post.  What’s great is you can place a cluster of terrariums on your porch near the door to create a warm welcoming entrance. Place them on wrought iron stands, wooden racks or on brightly colored wooden stools and you got something pretty cool going on at your doorstep.

You can find the Ikea tutorial here. So, all you gardens-in-bottles fans, check it out, build one for yourselves and spread some green around your living spaces.

Have fun!


4th of July Tributes.

The 4th of July is a day that is close to the hearts of all Americans. It was on this historic date that, centuries ago, America declared its independence from Britain, making it at once master of its own destiny as well as a fledgling nation that would be taking its first baby steps all by itself. Like every person who beats out independently, the founding fathers must have experienced large doses of the exhilaration of freedom alloyed with the seriousness of the responsibility of leading so many people safely into the future.

Centuries later, America has become a nation that exerts a massive influence on the world. Emulated, envied and emigrated to, the Free World has given more people hope and a chance to see new dreams than any other nation on earth.

As a lead-up to the American Independence day on 4th July, here are some videos we have selected. Each video deals with a different aspect of 4th July.


The thousands of soldiers who serve the nation selflessly, fearlessly, have long been a source of great pride for Americans. This video acknowledges their contribution to and their bravery in face of danger.

This video would make anyone want to be an American. It showcases the American way of life, with an excerpt from Ronald Reagan’s speech playing in the background.

This short animated video is the American history lesson you need. But in a refreshing departure from the plodding pedantic style of a history lesson, the video uses the time lapse animation technique that is interesting to watch.

Gamers ahoy! This Prince of Persia game style animation video is creative and gives you a quick shot of the process of American independence.

So, the 4th of July is famed to be a day of unprecedented feasting and beer bacchanalia. Taking freedom a step further, Americans seek freedom from regimented diets as well. But what if there is a way to eat as much as you want and yet limit calories? This here video will instruct you on the art of intemperance without the heavy price you would otherwise have had to pay.


All set for the 4th of July?

Get the fireworks ready, the 4th of July is around the corner! It’s time for carnivals, parades, fairs, picnics, concerts, reunions and celebrations. The patriot in you is all set to enjoy the day with family and friends. Now why not let that patriotic spirit extend all the way to your doorstep? Cocomatsnmore has a range of patriotic doormats that say you are proud of the land you live in and its achievements. Take a look at some of the ones we have selected for you and your friends.

Americana Coco Doormat

AmericanaThis semi-circular doormat fits nicely around the doorway and is a neat way to show off your patriotic spirit.


Patriotic Present Coco Doormat


Your independence is a gift that no money can buy. You could consider this if you are planning to get a gift for someone. It comes tied with a gift ribbon!


Stars and Stripes Coco Doormat

Stars and Stripes

True blue patriots will want to use this mat all year round. But just about everyone in America can flaunt their stars and stripes pride on Independence Day.


Football Coco Doormat


Football, the way America plays it, is not football the way the world does. Let’s just say, when you see a ball shaped like an obelisk, you know it’s American Football.


Sup Coco Doormat

Vinyl Back Sup Coir Doormat

Budweiser may have made it famous, but the super-popular “Wassup” was made in America. Shortened to Sup, it’s the way more and more of the world’s lazy-cool people are greeting each other.

 Feel free to check out more doormats on

It’s Dad’s Day!

He may not always have changed your nappies when you were a kid, but when he felt confident that he could handle you without dropping you or making you cry, he spent a lot of time telling you silly jokes you were too small to get. He may have been the voice of discipline and the source of much exasperation, but he is also the guy who worked himself to the bone to make sure you had a good future and good things—education, birthday gifts, toys, candy, birthday cakes and even that android tablet that gets more of your attention than he does. He has been the voice of reason and the guy with the sound advice, and if you listen—which you rarely do—you could land on your feet and maybe even running. He may not know a lot about fashion or music, but he can read you like a book because he knows your heart. He may not be very demonstrative but if you hug him hard, he’ll hug you right back. He’s a rock. He’s your dad.

We’d like to remind you that father’s day is around the corner. There’s no better time to show him that you love him by doing something with him and for him. Plan something fun or something relaxed…just make sure that showing him you appreciate him is part of it. And don’t forget a gift.

And since we’re talking gifts, we’d like to put in a good word for doormats–they can make good gifts too, y’know. You can choose something from the wide range we have. There are funny doormats that will bring on a chuckle. You could pick something specific to his interests—fishing, sailing, golf—we have a few good ones. We’ve picked out a few to give you an idea.

If your dad likes to go sailing, this doormat will please the captain of the ship.


He probably took to golfing because of you—to calm his frazzled nerves down a bit! Then again maybe not. Whatever the reason, if your dad is a golf aficionado, then this doormat will please him.


God knows it’s not to put food on the table, but fishing has revealed itself to be quite an addiction for pops around the world. If we talk about your dad too, then buy him this doormat.


Hey, isn’t that what grandparents are for? Grandfathers, in particular, are notorious for such stuff. A funny doormat that tells the truth in a likeable way.


Dads all over the world pride themselves on their ability to fix a faucet, repair a stopped clock, get a radio started again. Of course, they also know all about fixing the perfect drink. Whatever needs fixing, the man to do it lives here, this doormat seems to say.


There are many more mats on Check them out.

And a Happy Father’s Day to all you great dads out there!