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4th of July Tributes.

The 4th of July is a day that is close to the hearts of all Americans. It was on this historic date that, centuries ago, America declared its independence from Britain, making it at once master of its own destiny … Continue reading

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All set for the 4th of July?

Get the fireworks ready, the 4th of July is around the corner! It’s time for carnivals, parades, fairs, picnics, concerts, reunions and celebrations. The patriot in you is all set to enjoy the day with family and friends. Now why … Continue reading

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It’s Dad’s Day!

He may not always have changed your nappies when you were a kid, but when he felt confident that he could handle you without dropping you or making you cry, he spent a lot of time telling you silly jokes … Continue reading

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The natural elegance of wood mats.

We are sure you’d agree that wood has an incomparable warmth and richness to it. No matter what other home decor and furniture materials have come into vogue—acrylic, leather, synthetic, fur—wood remains sought after for its natural appeal and its … Continue reading

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Be Inspired!

The world is already filled with more intelligence and advice than it needs or can comfortably handle. The world is now ready for some wisdom and a spoonful of inspiration. Nothing inspires like inspiration can—not employee of the month, not … Continue reading

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Rugs that make you look twice.

This week we would like to open your eyes to some unusual and creative rugs. The idea is to think different, and these rug designers most definitely have been doing plenty of that. Lace Pattern Rug Source: This rug … Continue reading

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The Art of Black and White.

White is the colour of purity. It represents light, goodness, clarity and benevolence.  Black is the colour of mystery. It is adopted by all things that would like to exude style, inscrutability, seduction and power. When these two very commanding … Continue reading

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DIY Doormats.

DIY doormats are fun to work on and pretty to look at! Creativity knows no bounds and DIYers use a variety of methods to transform plain coir mats into something fun and pretty that adds colour and style to their … Continue reading

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A Summer of Memes.

Anything heavier that a pair of crocs is too heavy for summer. This is the right time for something uncomplicated, light, breezy and fun. The last time we looked, at the point those four things met was a meme…sitting right … Continue reading

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The Beach on Your Doorstep.

Summer is about to blaze into your hitherto spring-happy life. It will bring with it the vacations, lazy bumming, towering glasses of lemonade and flip flops. Did we mention the heat?  So, the sun that was so mellow and friendly … Continue reading

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