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Half Round Doormats: Recycled Rubber

There is an undeniable vintage charm to half round doormats. It is as potent today as it was all those years ago. For one, a half round doormat fits neatly around your doorframe. Second, the semi-circular shape is immensely pleasing on the eyes, with its round edges and the flat back that fits snugly against the door. And if you are also into environmental love, the recycled rubber half round doormats will certainly wriggle into your good books! The mats are made from used rubber tires that make a comeback in a gorgeous new avatar rather than end up in landfills that ugly up the earth.

We’ve put together a small collection of half round doormats made from recycled rubber. Hope you like em!

Grid Leaves Half Round Recycled Rubber Doormat


Leaves wound around a grid–pretty and practical.

Half Round Recycled Rubber Doormat


Delicate tendrils form a design that wraps itself around your heart.

Pineapple Semi Circle Recycled Rubber Doormat


And pineapples are for more than just eating, apparently!

Pins Half Round Recycled Rubber Doormat


This nonsense mat does not take any nonsense from the soles of your shoes either.

Rosemary Welcome Recycled Rubber Doormat


Now, who wouldn’t feel happy just looking at this pretty thing!

There’s more where these came from on Drop in to check them out.

Hey there, Sunshine!

Who can resist the golden charm of happy sunny-yellow flowers? Sunflowers are the sun’s chosen ambassadors in the flora-fauna world. Their rich color, a reminder of summer days. Their form, it takes after the sun—large and impressive, with petals that fan out like the sun’s warm golden rays. They even have a sunny disposition, bending and swaying in an animated conversation with the talkative, gossipy wind. Marigolds are equally sunny, with petals that spread out like soft golden ripples. As for chrysanthemums, their wealth of slim yellow petals look delicate and charming.

If you are a fan of golden yellow friendly flowers, we have a couple of mats that you may like to add warmth to your doorstep.

Checkers Sunflower Doormat


This mat has the freshness of a brand new day, with its optimistic yellow sunflowers and the blue swatch of sky blue in a black and white border.

One Sunflower Doormat


All the gorgeous warmth of the sunflower, distilled into this mat.

Marigold Doormat


The quest for gold ends at your doorstep.

Chrysanthemum Doormat


This doormat is part a dirt scaper, part art.

Mums Doormat


Golden filaments come together to add shine to your doorway.

Painted Flowers Doormat

Painted Flowers

Just seeing this doormat can improve your mood, don’t you think?

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Listening to Lines.

Our mats use pick-up lines. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the lines they use to woo you into bringing them home.

Cabana Stripes Doormat

Cabana Doormat

The blue and white lines of this coir mat are so reminiscent of the beach that they’ll have you at Hello.

Multi-colored Stripes Doormat

Multi Coloured Stripes Doormat

This coir mat is not taking any chances. It has put all it’s true colors on display and is hoping you like what you see.

Burgundy Stripes Doormat

Burgundy Striped Doormat

Rich burgundy lines are talking about elegance and style on this coir mat. Are you listening?

Piano Doormat


This coir mat thinks it’s good looking enough to get you to dance to its tunes. What do you think?

Home Doormat

Home Sweet Home

This mat gets straight to the point: take me home cos that’s where I belong.

Bell Exotic Wood Mat


This wood mat says: I am not only pretty, I am pretty tough too. The vivid colors and tough wood material ensure you don’t have bother with a new mat for a long time.

Not into the lines of striped doormats? Well, check out other mats on We’ve got all sorts.

Doormats with a Geometric Angle.

A square can be full of triangles. A triangle is always half of a square. If these are the kind of things you thought of in your day-dreaming time in class, guess you are a geometry fan? And we’re saying it’s a good thing, because for most of us, geometry and its evil sibling trigonometry visited us only in nightmares…mainly before exams.

Well, whether or not we were fans of the subject in school, geometrical shapes have gone on to win us all over in art, fashion, design and interiors.

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All set for the 4th of July?

Get the fireworks ready, the 4th of July is around the corner! It’s time for carnivals, parades, fairs, picnics, concerts, reunions and celebrations. The patriot in you is all set to enjoy the day with family and friends. Now why not let that patriotic spirit extend all the way to your doorstep? Cocomatsnmore has a range of patriotic doormats that say you are proud of the land you live in and its achievements. Take a look at some of the ones we have selected for you and your friends.

Americana Coco Doormat

AmericanaThis semi-circular doormat fits nicely around the doorway and is a neat way to show off your patriotic spirit.


Patriotic Present Coco Doormat


Your independence is a gift that no money can buy. You could consider this if you are planning to get a gift for someone. It comes tied with a gift ribbon!


Stars and Stripes Coco Doormat

Stars and Stripes

True blue patriots will want to use this mat all year round. But just about everyone in America can flaunt their stars and stripes pride on Independence Day.


Football Coco Doormat


Football, the way America plays it, is not football the way the world does. Let’s just say, when you see a ball shaped like an obelisk, you know it’s American Football.


Sup Coco Doormat

Vinyl Back Sup Coir Doormat

Budweiser may have made it famous, but the super-popular “Wassup” was made in America. Shortened to Sup, it’s the way more and more of the world’s lazy-cool people are greeting each other.

 Feel free to check out more doormats on

It’s Dad’s Day!

He may not always have changed your nappies when you were a kid, but when he felt confident that he could handle you without dropping you or making you cry, he spent a lot of time telling you silly jokes you were too small to get. He may have been the voice of discipline and the source of much exasperation, but he is also the guy who worked himself to the bone to make sure you had a good future and good things—education, birthday gifts, toys, candy, birthday cakes and even that android tablet that gets more of your attention than he does. He has been the voice of reason and the guy with the sound advice, and if you listen—which you rarely do—you could land on your feet and maybe even running. He may not know a lot about fashion or music, but he can read you like a book because he knows your heart. He may not be very demonstrative but if you hug him hard, he’ll hug you right back. He’s a rock. He’s your dad.

We’d like to remind you that father’s day is around the corner. There’s no better time to show him that you love him by doing something with him and for him. Plan something fun or something relaxed…just make sure that showing him you appreciate him is part of it. And don’t forget a gift.

And since we’re talking gifts, we’d like to put in a good word for doormats–they can make good gifts too, y’know. You can choose something from the wide range we have. There are funny doormats that will bring on a chuckle. You could pick something specific to his interests—fishing, sailing, golf—we have a few good ones. We’ve picked out a few to give you an idea.

If your dad likes to go sailing, this doormat will please the captain of the ship.


He probably took to golfing because of you—to calm his frazzled nerves down a bit! Then again maybe not. Whatever the reason, if your dad is a golf aficionado, then this doormat will please him.


God knows it’s not to put food on the table, but fishing has revealed itself to be quite an addiction for pops around the world. If we talk about your dad too, then buy him this doormat.


Hey, isn’t that what grandparents are for? Grandfathers, in particular, are notorious for such stuff. A funny doormat that tells the truth in a likeable way.


Dads all over the world pride themselves on their ability to fix a faucet, repair a stopped clock, get a radio started again. Of course, they also know all about fixing the perfect drink. Whatever needs fixing, the man to do it lives here, this doormat seems to say.


There are many more mats on Check them out.

And a Happy Father’s Day to all you great dads out there!



The natural elegance of wood mats.

We are sure you’d agree that wood has an incomparable warmth and richness to it. No matter what other home decor and furniture materials have come into vogue—acrylic, leather, synthetic, fur—wood remains sought after for its natural appeal and its resilience. Why restrict the use of this classic material to the interiors of your home alone? Let’s go outside with a range of wood mats that will bring woody sophistication to your doorstep.

Wood, as a material, imparts a lot of positives to a mat. It is tough and does not curl, wear out easily or crack—unless, of course, you put an axe to it. It can be easily re-polished when the shine fades, so your mat does not have to look embarrassingly old and worn out. In fact, it allows you to paint over it for a quick DIY spruce-up. It is an excellent bootscraper, tough on dirt and debris. It looks great! Cocomatsnmore allows you to monogram or personalize selected mats, if that’s your thing.

Here are some gorgeous wood mats from our collection on www.cocomatsnmore.

Roosevelt Exotic Wood Mat

Available in Black, Brown and Natural Striped pattern, this mat looks stylish as it sits outside your door. You can even use it indoors in bathrooms and other spaces.

Douglas Exotic Wood Mat



Give your house the elegant charm of this exotic high quality wood mat. Use it outdoors as well as indoors. Looks great anywhere you place it.

Muir Exotic Wood Mat


This gorgeous and tough mat can be used as a doormat outside your home or in commercial establishments. With its elegant design, it will not be out of place in a formal environment. You can also use it in your bathroom–on the counter or floor.

Bell Exotic Wood Mat


The quirky charm of this exotic wood mat will endear it to all who spot it. Its vivid colours can brighten up any doorstep and its tough wood will resist wear and tear. Not just a good looker, this one!



Personalized Wooden Doormats

personalized-doormats-teak-l_1Made from solid teak wood, this doormat allows you to personalize it with your name or a monogram. It looks perfect outdoors at your pool, outside the sauna, on a covered patio or outdoor kitchen. It even makes a great gift!


Drop by at to look through more mats.





Be Inspired!

The world is already filled with more intelligence and advice than it needs or can comfortably handle. The world is now ready for some wisdom and a spoonful of inspiration.

Nothing inspires like inspiration can—not employee of the month, not cash incentives, not even the promise of a trip to some exotic holiday spot. We are not driven by external factors…you already knew that. The real drivers of inspiration are located somewhere deep within us. We are driven by certain things that matter only to us and when we come across these, our very own highly customized triggers, they release inspiration in us.

Now, a humble doormat may not be able to meet such high expectations. After all, there’s not much they can achieve from their fixed spot on the floor. They can, however, act as a reminder to go look for the things that will get you all excited and enthusiastic about the things that matter.

Here are a few inspiration-inspiring mats that we have picked out of our collection on

Save the Planet

Save the planet

This is the one message that can possibly save lives. If we all do bit to conserve nature, water, resources, and curb our greedy and destructive ways, we may still be able to leave behind a place that the future generations can call home.


Be Green

Go Green

It’s totally good for you…and everyone around. Plant more trees, make lifestyle choices that will not harm nature, buy organic, buy from ecologically responsible companies and businesses. And, of course, the green mantra: Reduce. Re-use. Recycle.


Words of Wisdom

Love Dream

Now here’s a doormat that has done some deep thinking in life. Seriously, if we were to take its advice, we would live rich, empowered, peaceful lives. Think about it.


Joy, Bliss, Love


We can safely say that this is a trio everyone is on the look-out for. Only you know what gets you these, but if the message stays with you–and hopefully your guests–long after the doormat is out of sight, then we’d say mission accomplished.




Hey, what are you working all those long hours for? You’d say to buy a better house, a car, better lifestyle, new gadgets, exotic holidays, good food and so on. And what do these eventually give you? Yep, that’s what this mat is all about.

Home of the Brave


Courage is in short supply, yet it remains a quality everyone aspires to have.  If you consistently toe the courage line, then put a mat on it.




We have many other mats with messages. Do drop by and check them out on







The Art of Black and White.

White is the colour of purity. It represents light, goodness, clarity and benevolence.  Black is the colour of mystery. It is adopted by all things that would like to exude style, inscrutability, seduction and power. When these two very commanding colours come together in a place, they create drama.

These doormats have all the stark artiness that is bound to occur every time black meets white, whether in photography, art, decor or fashion. If you think black and white is art, you’ll find these mats match the inclinations of your dual-toned heart.

Polka Dots Doormat

Polka DotsThere is an innocent kind of stylishness to the polka dot design that will catch the interest and attention of everyone who sees this mat.

Piano Doormat


A graphic-arty, foot-tapping doormat that cleans shoes and keeps your house spotless. Sound like music to your ears?




Notes Doormat


A doormat for musically inclined eyes! After all, music is also a kind of art form.




Rhombi Doormat


We see diamond cuts, kites and kind of stretched squares. We also see criss-cross. What patterns and objects do you see in this geometric print doormat?



Ring Formation Doormat


Oddly pleasing, this doormat reminds you of the delicate filigree work found in the architecture of old palaces and monuments.



We have many more doormats in a variety of designs and patterns on Drop by and check them out.

The Beach on Your Doorstep.

Summer is about to blaze into your hitherto spring-happy life. It will bring with it the vacations, lazy bumming, towering glasses of lemonade and flip flops. Did we mention the heat?  So, the sun that was so mellow and friendly in spring will be turning into a malevolent beast with the turn of April.  He’s out to make you sweat. He‘s going to make you break out and bicker.  And he would have had the upper hand, had it not been for the beach—the coolest place to be on hot summer days.

Beaches are the perfect antidote to the maddening heat. The beach is home to the cool sea, the little grains of gold called sand and that distant horizon where the china blue sky blends into the aquamarine water. It is the place to go for tans, bumming, bikinis, water sports and dips into the salty sea.

Doormats do not go to beaches—they’re just not cut out for that sort of a thing. They can, however, bring the beach home to you. Check out our selection of sunny, summery beach-based doormats and see how they add a touch of light-hearted beachiness to your doorstep.

Welcome Beach Doormat

Sun umbrellas, starfish and shiny shells, ice cream, suntan lotion, beach towels, bikinis, flip flops, beach balls, sand castles and beach volleyball are just some of the migratory delights that can be spotted on beaches this summer. All we can say is Welcome Summer!

Welcome Beach Doormat

Sunbathing Doormat

Sunbathing is a favourite summer-time delight. All you need is one bottle of suntan oil, one untanned person, one beach towel/deckchair and straw hat/sunglasses (optional). Start by rubbing the oil liberally all over the untanned person. Let the person lie on the towel or deckchair. Add straw hat or sunglasses as per taste. Now let the sun slowly roast the untanned person to a lovely golden brown color. Remove from heat and decorate with something in bright-colored cotton. Goes well with a cool drink in hand.

Sunbathing Doormat

Beach Yay Place Doormat

This is for those who go Yay at even the thought of the beach.

Yay Beach Doormat

Sea Shells Doormat

No one can resist the iridescent beauty of sea shells scattered along empty beaches. We always pick a few in a bucket, a beach towel, a scarf or a straw hat and bring back home these underwater-coloured jewels from the wealth of the ocean. And sometimes, you find them scattered on a doormat.

Sea Shells Doormat

Aloha Hibiscus Doormat

Though this is not strictly a beach doormat, who can dare to disassociate the beach from Aloha? After all, a beach-y island holiday in Hawaii is always on everyone’s wish list. And you’ll get there some day soon. Until then, this mat will be a reminder that the best things in life are waiting for you on an island not all that far from home.

Aloha Doormat

There are more mats that embody the sunny summer beach spirit. Come on over and check them out at