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Don’t take Halloween seriously!


And Halloween is around the corner again. The world over, people recognize it as the day for trick-or-treating, lit-up pumpkins and theme parties. But how many know the roots of this seemingly scary little day? No, it’s not a celebration of horror as popular urban interpretation would suggest. Halloween has its very own meaning and […]

New Mat Designs!


New doormats designs have just come in and here’s a first look at them! Admit One Doormat This creative mat is your mat if you are a movie buff, have a penchant for drama or have a crazy family that should have a movie made about it! Made from natural coir fibers with a vinyl […]

Half Round Doormats: Recycled Rubber


There is an undeniable vintage charm to half round doormats. It is as potent today as it was all those years ago. For one, a half round doormat fits neatly around your doorframe. Second, the semi-circular shape is immensely pleasing on the eyes, with its round edges and the flat back that fits snugly against […]

Hey there, Sunshine!


Who can resist the golden charm of happy sunny-yellow flowers? Sunflowers are the sun’s chosen ambassadors in the flora-fauna world. Their rich color, a reminder of summer days. Their form, it takes after the sun—large and impressive, with petals that fan out like the sun’s warm golden rays. They even have a sunny disposition, bending […]

Listening to Lines.

Multi Coloured Stripes Doormat

Our mats use pick-up lines. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the lines they use to woo you into bringing them home. Cabana Stripes Doormat The blue and white lines of this coir mat are so reminiscent of the beach that they’ll have you at Hello. Multi-colored Stripes Doormat This coir mat is not taking […]

Doormats with a Geometric Angle.

Carnatic Natural

A square can be full of triangles. A triangle is always half of a square. If these are the kind of things you thought of in your day-dreaming time in class, guess you are a geometry fan? And we’re saying it’s a good thing, because for most of us, geometry and its evil sibling trigonometry […]

All set for the 4th of July?


Get the fireworks ready, the 4th of July is around the corner! It’s time for carnivals, parades, fairs, picnics, concerts, reunions and celebrations. The patriot in you is all set to enjoy the day with family and friends. Now why not let that patriotic spirit extend all the way to your doorstep? Cocomatsnmore has a […]

It’s Dad’s Day!


He may not always have changed your nappies when you were a kid, but when he felt confident that he could handle you without dropping you or making you cry, he spent a lot of time telling you silly jokes you were too small to get. He may have been the voice of discipline and […]

The natural elegance of wood mats.


We are sure you’d agree that wood has an incomparable warmth and richness to it. No matter what other home decor and furniture materials have come into vogue—acrylic, leather, synthetic, fur—wood remains sought after for its natural appeal and its resilience. Why restrict the use of this classic material to the interiors of your home […]

Be Inspired!


The world is already filled with more intelligence and advice than it needs or can comfortably handle. The world is now ready for some wisdom and a spoonful of inspiration. Nothing inspires like inspiration can—not employee of the month, not cash incentives, not even the promise of a trip to some exotic holiday spot. We […]

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