I thought that it would be fun to compose a little list of our best selling mats because I wanted to know which of our coco mats our customers liked best, so here’s our top ten coco mats of April 2012 as of April 17th!

10. Hi, I’m Mat Doormat

9. Black Stripes Doormat

8. Oh Shit Not You Again Doormat

7. Oh No Not You Again Doormat

6. Branching Twirls Doormat (only $10.99!)

5. Daisy Doormat (only $10.99!)

4. Chevron Doormat

3. Fleur De Lis Doormat

2. Greek Key Doormat

1. Come Back with a Warrant Doormat

So those were our top 10 for April as of today, tweet at us, of facebook us, and let us know what your favorites are!

Written by Coco

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