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 Jute Cricket Matting (Half Size: 8’ x 35’) 1/8" thick, with grommets

Cricket Matting is used to provide the best possible playing surface where actual turf is either irregular or nonexistent by establishing an even area that presents the ball as predictably as possible. 

Jute matting is easy to transport and can easily be cleaned by hosing it off or allowing it to dry thoroughly on a sunny day.

We offer both the coco coir cricket mats and jute cricket mats, both of which provide their own advantages. The Jute Cricket mats are lighter in weight and tend to provide better results over a grass field than a sandy one, resulting in more consistant pitch.


Please email us at sales@cocomatsnmore.com or call 614-372-8065 for all other shipping charges.


  • Made from high quality jute fiber for outdoor use on all types of surfaces.
  • Durable cricket matting with 6 feet of heavy duty canvas on all 4 ends that prevents tearing and fraying.
  • Eyelets every 2’ apart around the entire mat.
  • Convenient storage as it can be rolled away after play.
  • Size 8' x 35'
  • Case Size : 96 x 11 x 11.  Cubic Feet 6.7
  • Case Weight is 95lb or 43.09 kg

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