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Yoga Mats are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors which will definitely elevate your spirits and brighten your day. Our different mat will inspire you differently as they teach some life lessons. Steady Turtle Yoga Mats will aspire you to be steady in both yoga and in life and not be rushed. Flower Power Yoga Mats teach the principles of peace and love while Vinyasa Yoga Matsinspires you to breathe and take a break here and then.

Cat Cow Yoga Mats teaches about the beautiful flow of life. While 7 Chakra Yoga Mats balances and harmonizes your energy level. Fish Dream Yoga Mats reminds us to be careful about what we wish for in life. Kids Yoga Matwith Dogs Down Design feature a beautiful and funny design of dogs posing in a downward yoga position and hence acts as an inpiration for young kids for life long healthy habit of doing yoga.

Yoga mats are eco-friendly and engineered with non-toxic materials and are free from heavy metals, phthalates, latex etc. They are comfortably plush with their ¼” thickness and are designed to last a longer time and will energize you with their vibrant colors! Many customers have declared that while doing their yoga and gazing down at the unique gorgeous designs, has greatly enhanced their yoga experience. 


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