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1" Thick High Density Custom Cut Vinyl Backed Coco Coir Mats

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Our High Density (HD) Custom Cut Coco Mats bring you a product that is the best of two worlds - ecofriendly material combined with the firm surface of synthetic fibre.

The HD Custom Cut Coir Mats comes with stronger and more enhanced performance capabilities while providing a richer and more luxurious look; ensuring that you no longer have to sacrifice elegance and good looks for functionality at your entrance.

Wheelchair accessibility is a big upgrade on the HD coco mats when compared to the regular grade coco mats. The firmer surface allows wheeled objects to pass through without digging into the fibres of the coco mats.

The high density of coconut husk fibres in the same area size combined with a special fibre glass scrim embedded backing that is less susceptible to stretching creates an overall firmer and more stable surface level. 

The all natural High Density Vinyl Back Custom Cut Coco Coir Mats are made from coconut husk fibres that are an extremely useful by-product derived sustainably from the coconut harvesting industry.

  • High Density Coco Coir Mats are made out of 100% machine spun coconut fibre yarns.
  • A strong PVC backing with integrated stability scrim provides a firm surface to the HD Coir Mats.
  • A firmer surface allows for easier access to wheelchairs, carts, and other heavy traffic.
  • 1” (23 mm) thickness is one of the most popular thickness for coco mats and works with many recessed wells.
  • 238.89 Oz/SqZd heavy material lasts longer and performs better than regular vinyl backed coco mats.
  • 1" Thick HD Custom Cut Coco Coir Mats is available in a natural coconut husk fibre color.
  • Available in default sizes as well as custom sizes. Please contact us at sales@cocomatsnmore.com or call 360-255-7282 for more information.
  • Please expect a lead time of 1 - 2 weeks
Material100% Machine Spun Coconut Fibre Yarn
ConstructionCoir Fibers Embedded Into PVC Backing
Face StyleUniform Coco Mats
Face FibreCoconut Husk Fibers
ApplicationCommercial, Residential
Custom SizesAvailable (Max 6.5' width)
Fibre Weight238.89 Oz/SqZd
Total Height1” (23 mm)

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