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Anti Fatigue Comfort Series Mats

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The CM Comfort-Series Anti fatigue mats provide comfort and relief from any one that needs to spend an extended period of time on their feet. These mats provide an excellent layer of protection against cold hard floors, while keeping you healthier, energized, and more productive.

Long periods of standing still cause your leg muscles to work overtime in an effort to keep your body upright. This causes a significant decrease of blood flow to the feet, causing pain and fatigue. Because the heart is working extra hard to keep pumping blood to the static legs, people feel a great loss of energy, causing the sensation of fatigue.

Comfort-Series Anti Fatigue mats provide subtle level of flexibility on the surface, which causes muscles to contract and expand as the feet constantly adjust to the flexibility of the mat. This results in increased blood flow along with an increase of oxygen to the heart, leading to decreased levels fatigue along with healthier and more productive use of your time.

Due to its unique one piece construction out of 100% tear-resistant polyurethane, these mats will not delaminate, bubble up, tear or split up due to the break-down of any bonding agent or glue which is used for joining two pieces. The mats thus come with a 10 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

The Comfort-Series mats are slightly firmer than many of its competitors. A firmer surface creates a more subtle instability of the surface level, which makes them much more effective at easing fatigue over long periods of time.  

  • These anti fatigue mats are safe to withstand most common household fluids such as gasoline, WD-40, motor oil, grease, and anti-freeze.
  • The Comfort-Series anti fatigue mats are available in an 18” x 30” size.
  • These mats are 0.8” thick to ensure prolonged comfort.
  • Available with a smooth surface.
  • The mats come in a solid black color.

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