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    Customized Printed Coco Mats

    We’re sure you know that you can get stuff printed on a coco doormat. But did you know what all exactly? Well, you can customize coco mats with a logo, branding, line, or design of your choice. In this post, we’ll introduce you to the kind of printing you can do on coco mats. Logos Doormats are a great place to put your logo or company name. Placed outside the office, storefront, hotel, restaurant, showroom, and other business premises, they give a professional look at the entrance. Logo mats also help build recall as people walk in and out and also walk past the entrance. We made this custom logo…

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    12 Gorgeous Floral Doormats to Gift Someone who Loves Flowers.

    You can never have too many gift ideas! Birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming, Christmas, New Year, Chanukkah, Diwali, and sometimes for no other reason than to surprise a person–they all require gift-giving! And more often than not, we obsess about what we should buy? Things reach a particularly tricky place when the holidays come around! If you know someone who loves flowers and floral prints, then we are about to make your life really easy! We stock a range of pretty floral mats that all flower fans will totally love. We’ve pulled together some of our more popular mats in this post to give you an idea. Summer Garden Handwoven Coco Doormat…

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    Everything you need to know about coco mats.

    Coco, coconut fiber, or coir doormats are the most commonly used doormats around the world and no one is really surprised by that! They are elegant in an organic and eco-stylish way. They are reasonably priced and last long, giving you value for your money. And they are natural fiber products, hence eco-friendly and harmless to health. Though coco mats are generally resilient and sturdy, the right care and maintenance will help them last longer and continue looking great at your doorstep. We have put together some tips and pointers to help you take better care of your mat. If you own a coco mat or are about to purchase…

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    At Home With Mats.

    All homes need mats. Show us a home and we will show you all the various kinds of mats it will need and will benefit from immensely.  In this post, we will take you all over the house and show you how different types of mats serve different purposes in different areas of the house. Let’s begin at the entrance.

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    Colorblind Doormats.

    Thanks to all the tireless labor and ceaseless inventiveness of the decor world, we tend to change decor the way we change our handbags. The result is a refreshingly different looking house every now and then. If you are one of those who thrive on this sort of exciting change, then we applaud your spirit and energy! While you zip around matching colors and artefacts and furnishings, we thought we’d do our bit to make your life just that little bit easier by giving you a handy list of doormats that will effortlessly match any color scheme you may have decided on.

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    10 Badass Mats for Badass People.

    Badass people will gravitate towards all that is just like them–badass. So, not for them are the pretty floral mats or the designer beauties in our collection. No No. What they are looking for are doormats that will make their insides chuckle with delight when they, the doormats, are rude as hell and have adequate shock value. Close friends, drinking buddies, pals from the riding club, maybe even siblings will not take offence. The rest, well do badass people even want that kind dropping in to say hello? If you are one of them, these 10 doormats may be echoing your innermost thoughts. If you know someone who is like…

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    Home Gyms 2: Setting It All Up.

    Last week we wrote about why a home gym is starting to make more sense compared to joining one outside. You can read that post here. If you were convinced by that post, then you will find this post quite helpful, because this week we will write about how you can set up a home gym. One of the most alluring benefits of a home gym is the freedom to choose what way you would like to get fit. There is a plethora of exercise and workout options out there, and they are all equally effective for different people. Before you start purchasing equipment for your home gym, here are…

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    Home Gyms 1: Why Home Gyms are Such a Great Idea

      Starting Thanksgiving, the world goes on a high-calorie diet. Moms and other food fairies in the family ensure that our badly struggling diet charts and fitness regimes completely give up the fight. Under the onslaught of turkeys and cookies and fruitcakes and tables creaking with food at the annual Christmas dinner at home, working out just seems too tasteless an idea. We’re not judging you, because we are one of you. That is the reason “Getting Fit” is a staple part of many, many New Year Resolution lists. And one of the fastest and most sought-after places to help you action your resolution is at the gym. Guess it’s…

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    10 Designer Mats that Make Great Gifts.

    The holiday season! Time for all sorts of joyful things–Christmas trees and carols, delicious food and twinkly lights, winter wonderland and building your family snowman. And to balance that there is that anxiety-causing tradition called gifting. Don’t be that unimaginative person who gifted a sweater for the 6th time or the Laughing Buddha figurine for the 4th. Be different. And why restrict the good-hearted giving to the holiday season alone? These mats will also make great gifts for those housewarming parties that you get invited to. To help you out, we have some gorgeous designer doormats that will make worthy gifts. The designs are classy and contemporary and are designed to…