5 Reasons Why Chair Mats are Awesome

5 Reasons Why Chair Mats are Awesome

Chair mats are an important addition to the office but one we don’t often think about, or  maybe one we don’t think we need. Here are 5 reasons why chair mats are a necessity:

  1. Chairs can easily wear down carpeting and other types of flooring from the pressure of people sitting in them all day long. Chair mats prevent marks and distress on expensive carpeting and other types of flooring.
  2. If you’re spending all day sitting in your chair at your desk you are probably going to have some coffee or eat some lunch in it. At some point or another you are also probably going to have a couple spills. It’s nice to have a bit of a safety net, something super easy to clean up, something that’s not going to get stained. Like a chair mat!
  3. They make rolling chairs easier to roll around on in places that you wouldn’t normally have an easy time rolling around on. Like a carpet!
  4. If you run an office then chances are you aren’t having employees take off their shoes at the door, so these chair mats will come in handy because they will catch dirt coming off the shoes from throughout the day.
  5. Chair Mats are great for alleviating back and leg pain as chairs can easily glide around the mat. Without chair mats, people have to repetitively push around the chair with their legs which can lead to a lot of leg and back aches

Office Chair mats also come in plenty of great styles and some have better grip for more unruly carpets. They also come in different shapes and sizes so they can fit into any size office space, whether it be a large office with a lot of desks or a small at home office, or maybe just a desk in the corner of your living room.


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