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A Safe and Happy Haloween

Halloween Safety StatisticsHalloween can be a majestic and wonderful time of the year for children and adults alike. A night to explore the depths of your imagination and embrace a world filled with childlike wonder. In fact we know that you have probably outdone yourself with the scream inducing decorations, perhaps bought out entire sections of the candy aisle so no child goes away empty handed. But, aren’t you forgetting something?

There are many aspects of Halloween that can be dangerous, and that is why we decided to dig deeper and find out the real dangers that lurk around on the dark nights of October the 31st. We created the inforgraphic above to give you a better idea on what really to look out for on this day.

In all the fun and festivities it is very important to do everything you can to make this Halloween safe and accident free for you, your home and all those trick-or-treaters coming to your home. Why spoil the fun this Halloween with an accident that could have been so easily prevented. We’ve put together some easy but important home safety tips that you can follow to make your home a safe haven for all those goblins, witches and mummies who come visiting.

1. Remember that fire can be extremely dangerous, especially around all those energetic little kids running around. But it also presents a very helpful hand, lighting to increase visibility.

  • Avoid candles and live flames in your Halloween decorations. It is safer to use LED or battery operated candles.
  • Use glow sticks for an extra special, extra eerie, green and glowing haunted house look.
  • Use flame-resistant, flame-retardant, or non-combustible materials for decorations and costumes.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy. You never know when that carved pumpkin decides to turn into smoking torch. You definitely do not want that as a decor.
  • Test your fire alarms before the night.

2. Jack-o-Lanterns are a holiday staple, but that in no way makes them safe around little kids and even some not so little ones.

  • It is best not to let your children use sharp carving knives. Keep an eye on them while you’re carving. If they insist on helping, let them draw the patterns or poke the flesh in after you are done carving.
  • Use LED or fairy lights inside pumpkins instead of a candle. Unattended Jack-o-Lanterns lit by candles can easily be tipped over by people and cause costumes or other flammable items to catch fire.
  • If you really want to use candles then place it inside a small dish or tuna can to avoid a fire if the candle tips over.
  • If all of this is too much effort, another option could be to forego the pumpkin altogether and get this scary Halloween, “Jack-O-Lantern” doormat instead. No fuss, no muss, and no fear of setting things on fire.

3. With all those lights flickering outside, Electrical safety should become a priority during this time.

  • If using Halloween lights, keep all the electric cables safely out of the way of curious little hands. Check decorations before use. Cracked, frayed, or bare wires may cause electric shocks or start a fire.
  • Check package instructions: If a package of lights says that they’re only for indoor use, don’t use them outside.
  • Read the fog machine directions. Take care when decorating with things you’re not familiar with.

4. You could be liable for injuries occurring on your property. Here are a few ways you can keep the Outside safe.

  • Make sure you leave enough room for people to walk to the door without bumping into decorations.
  • Clear the area around your home. Put away anything that could cause a child, or an adult to trip and take a fall. It would a good time to get rid of that pink flamingo from your yard!
  • Make sure you are winter ready this Halloween to prevent any accidents related to slipping on ice. Use Heated Walkway Mats to provide a warm (literally) and accident free Halloween.
  • Make sure scary props that pop up and scare trick-or-treaters are safe. Use rubber or fake alternatives to the real deal.
  • Pet proof your house for your pets as well as your guests. Keep pets away from the front porch where they might jump on or bite unfamiliar visitors. This way you will also prevent possible allergic reactions to cats or dogs.

5. Ok, you’ve made sure that people have made it safely to the front door. Now what? You also need to ensure that they stay safe in your home while you are busy hosting that spook-tacular Halloween Party!

  • If there are children around, hide all the breakable stuff. Also, make sure there is sufficient light to see, as they may not be familiar with the layout of your home.
  • Offer only commercially-packaged treats to trick-or-treaters.  You are responsible for the safety of your guests so serve non-alcoholic beverages to your older party guests; and, if you are serving alcohol, do not allow it for anyone who is under-age.
  • Make sure that the party games you have planned are safe. If there are going to be some haunted mansion stunts you want to pull, please be careful. Use proper protective gear to save you and your guests’ rear-ends.
  • Prevent slip and fall injuries: Carve your pumpkin on a newspaper. Make sure to dispose of the pumpkin seeds and the slimy innards into a bowl. Clean up after the carving to make sure the floor is not slippery.

We hope that these simple tips can help you have a wonderful and safe Halloween this year. Please share this knowledge with others and create a safe community for all.

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