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Don’t take Halloween seriously!

And Halloween is around the corner again. The world over, people recognize it as the day for trick-or-treating, lit-up pumpkins and theme parties. But how many know the roots of this seemingly scary little day? No, it’s not a celebration of horror as popular urban interpretation would suggest. Halloween has its very own meaning and roots.

Halloween is a contracted form of All Hallow’s Evening. It is the evening before All Saints Day—a day that is dedicated to remembering faithfully departed believers including saints and martyrs. Traditionally, All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween, uses “humor and ridicule to confront the power of death” (Wikipedia).

W-ell…hey…back up a bit…did someone say humor? That’s right up our street! And so here is a collection of some humorous doormats that say: Don’t take Halloween seriously, y’all!

Boo Doormat


Exactly the response you would ideally like to keep ready for the little trick-or-treaters that arrive on your doorsteps demanding treats. What fun it would be to see them startled out of their skins!

Wicked Witch Shoes


We don’t care who you are, unclean soles stop here, cos nothing dirty is getting inside this house, y’hear?

Skull Doormat


The kind of things that can go on inside some skulls!

Scrolled Pumpkin Doormat


Why should the pumpkin always get the part where it has to grin scarily every year? This year, we’ve given the pumpkin a designer make-over on our doormat.

Bloody Feet Doormat


And if you think things are not already macabre enough….

We also stock less scary and generally good-looking mats. You can check them out here:

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