Halloween Door Decoration Tips

Well, it’s October. Time to start preparing for Halloween. We all know that the most important area of the home to decorate at Halloween is the front door, and coming up with the perfect mixture of spooky and welcoming is key. Halloween is supposed to be a fun time for kids, and decorations at the houses they are visiting makes it that much more exciting.

Preparing your door for Halloween can be done quite easily, for super basic decor this involves only three steps:

Step 1: Pumpkins. The more the merrier. All different sizes and styles. There are a ton of stencils out there you can purchase to aid you in carving the perfect goulish pumpkin, but it can also be fun to get creative and make your own scary face, and much less stressful, as a majority of the time with the stencils you have to be so meticulous and have all the right tools. When carving your own design all you need is a felt and a knife! Try to place these at different heights so that they light up a larger area, stick some inside your door too so that you don’t have to turn on any real lights making your door that much more spookier (or you could just get a bunch of candles).

Step 2: Cobwebs. Faux cobwebs can be found at practically any dollar store and they are so easy to decorate with, and just like pumpkins the more you use the better it will look. Hang it so that it is coming down and across the upper part of your door, cover your doorbell, and if you have a porch attach it from your house to your porch.

Step 3: Creepy Crawly’s. You know those little plastic spiders, that kind of look like real ones when your not expecting them to be there? Get lots! These will stick to the cobwebs on their own, but try gluing them to the pumpkins to make them extra spooky.

If you follow all these steps your door should look amazing, but if you are feeling super festive why not invest in a Halloween Doormat. This is a decoration that will last for years and years and your guests will be sure to fawn over it.

Have fun with decorating and send us some pictures that we can feature on our blog!

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