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How to Customize your Doormat – A Step-by-Step Guide

Customizing your doormat is fun! You can put a line on it that you like from a film, a name, a one liner, a private joke in the family, a phrase, to a quick sentence! We leave the choice upto you. Want to try it? No, we’re not kidding. On Cocomatsnmore, we give you a chance to try typing out your line to see how it looks and what fits on the mat size you have chosen. Let us show you how.

1. Click on this link to go to our mat customizing page.



2. In the Custom Style section, choose your Font type.



3. In the Line 1 and Line 2 Personalization Text windows enter your phrase or line or name.


4. Select the size and the colour of the print in the section below.


5. Check the price.


6. Give your order a once over to ensure everything is just the way you want it before proceeding to purchase. It’s that simple!

Some things you need to know:

  • There is a 16-character limit per line for a size 18” x 30” mat. This is so because the printed line will be stencilled using a dye. There is a minimum amount of space that needs to be left between the letters, so the dye won’t spread and smudge and make the letters fuzzy. A 16-character limit will ensure that you get a clear, crisp print. There is also a limit on how small the font can go for the same reason—to allow the print to be legible and not blurred.
  • However, with larger mat sizes, it is possible to get a longer line printed, as there is more space on the mat. You can also get a line printed on a non-standard size mat. There will be different charges applied to that. Get in touch with our customer service team with your requirements and ideas and we’ll help you out with the right advice and solution.
  • If you choose to add a border, the character limit will again change, because we will get a smaller mat area to print on. Generally, customers prefer non-border mats for customised lines and designs, as plain mats allow the print to be the hero. However, if you would like to choose a border, then we suggest you go with a shorter line or fewer words so it will be visible within the border without looking cramped. Again, get in touch with our customer service team. They will be able to guide you on what can be done.
  • If you have a design—and a lot of people do—you’ll need to contact us directly with your design. Our team will be able to guide you with advice and options. Different rates will apply.

Go ahead and be line-happy with our customizing option. Enjoy!

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