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The Enter If You Dare Non-Slip Coir Doormat can be counted on make people think twice before they knock on your door. Made from coir, the mat has a non-slip backing that will not let guests slip and hurt themselves, but they don't have to know that.

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***This doormat is out of stock until June 2019***

Why wait till Halloween to get macabre on your doorstep? The Enter If You Dare Non-Slip Coir Doormat can be trusted to say unsettling things about you...all year round. Shaped, quite appropriately, like the headstone of a tomb, the mat works well for any household where guests will be entering at their own risk. Like you may find this outside the castle entrance at Mordor. There is a good side to the mat, though. It's made from all-natural coir and is, hence, eco-friendly. Also, it has a non-slip back that will not let people skid and slip. Apart from these deviations, the mat is reassuringly dark.

  • This mat is hand stenciled with permanent fade-resistant dyes, so the warning will last longer.
  • Crafted in India from all-natural coir, the doormat has a non-slip backing.
  • Size: 17 in. X 28 in. x 1/2 in.

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