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Bring a little holiday spirit and joy to your doorstep with these elegantly designed coir doormats, and you can keep this feeling going all year long. The coco doormats are printed with a unique border that adds a little color to your doorstep and help create a great accent for your existing porch background. 

The border is painted on a natural coir background that looks great to achieive any desired aesthetic.

The coco doormats not only work great at presenting a warm welcome to your guests and adding a touch of elegance to your doorstep, but are also highly function oriented and easy to maintain. The mats whisk away any dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes and can be cleaned with a simple vacuuming or at most times even a simple shake down.

  • Made out of 100% natural coir fibers that are extracted from coconut husks.
  • Manufactured in a sustainable manner, where the coconuts can be consumed after production.
  • Hand woven, and dyed using biodegradable vegetable dyes, that make the coco mats highly eco-friendly.
  • Designed to last for a long time as they are durable and practical.
  • These premium coco mats are easy to clean and maintain, as they can be shaken off or hosed down.
  • Sizes : 22" x 36" (9.0 lbs) and 38" x 60" (25.0 lbs)
  • Thickness: 1.5"


Holiday Holly Coco Mats


Lead time for these Coco doormats is 1-2 weeks.

For more information, please call 866-561-1921 or email us at sales@cocomatsnmore.com.






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