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Diamond plate vinyl runner is 5/32” thick with a distinctive diamond pattern that increases traction and durability.

  • Traction and Durability is increased as this mat features distinctive raised pattern.
  • This mat has an easy to clean surface.
  • This runner mat is resistant to most common chemicals.

Deck plate runners can be used in medium and heavy duty areas

  • Warehouses 
  • Factories.
  • Assembling Stations
Custom cut available in 2’, 3’, 4’ and 5’ width. Also available in 5’ x 75’ rolls.

Item Code             Width            Weight          Price per sq ft for Black Gray       Price per sq ft for Colored 
    CXR0024C     2' Wide 1.8lb per ln ft.   4.5 per sq ft. 4.9 per sq ft.
    CXR0036C 3' Wide 2.7lb per ln ft. 4.3 per sq ft. 4.9 per sq ft.
    CXR0048C 4' Wide 3.4lb per ln ft. 4.3 per sq ft. 4.9 per sq ft.
    CXR0060C* 5' Wide 4.3lb per ln ft. 4.3 per sq ft. 4.9 per sq ft.

Only Black and Black with Yellow Borders are available in 5' width rolls and custom cut

Please contact us at 1-866-561-1821 for more information about the color pricing.


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