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Cocomatsnmore is proud to present over 200 designs of coco mats to suit every taste and need. Our popular coco mats like White Polka Dots Doormat and Bonjour Coco Mat have been featured in famous magazines like HGTV Magazine and Southern Living. These doormats are not only beautiful but are very functional as well. They are made from coco fibre extracted from the outer husks of coconut which makes it a natural and environmentally friendly doormat. Coir mats are relatively waterproof and one of few natural fibres resistant to deterioriation from sea water. 


As this coir fibre is famous for its durability, flexibility and moisture absorption this makes our coco mats stronger and more durable than any other doormats in the market. These door mats are also very effective in trapping dirt, soil and mud right at the doorstep. These coir mats are able to withstand weather damage and are designed from fade resistant dyes. Our customer love our coco mats so much that we have car coco mats in our custom car floor mats. 

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