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Dura Flex 150 Comfort Stand Interlocking Anti Fatigue Mats
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Dura Flex 150 Comfort Stand Anti Fatigue Mats are 100% rubber and created to provide a fatigue free environment. Dura Flex 150 Comfort Stand Anti-Fatigue mat is your go-to matting for harsh environments and tough industrial work areas that require heavy-duty, versatile anti-fatigue mats. 

The flexibility of Dura Flex 150 combined with air pockets on the underside encourages its users to subtly move and adjust their feet through the day. This allows for greater blood flow through the vessels, keeping you more energetic, comfortable and fatigue free.

  • Dura Flex 150 Comfort Stand Mats are resilient, strong and long lasting.
  • Made to withstand harsh environments, Dura Flex 150 is suitable for ndustrial workspaces or weight rooms.
  • Comfort Stand Anti Fatigue mats are available with a smooth or diamond surface pattern.
  • Dura Flex Comfort Stand easy to clean - simply hose down or brush of the dirt and debris to keep the mats clean.
  • These anti fatigue mats come in 3’ x 3’ tiles that can be connected together to cover large custom sized areas.
  • Each tile will require 2 male and 2 female pieces. If you are looking to cover a larger interlocked pieces, please order accordingly.
  • If you have any further questions, please contact us via email at service@cocomatsnmore.com or call us toll free at 866-561-1921.
Face StyleSmooth or Diamond Pattern
Sizes Available3’ x 3’ tiles

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