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Dura Flex 300 Rubber Scraper Entrance Mats
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Durable and ultra resilient, Dura Flex 300 Rubber Scraper Entrance Mats are efficient at scraping off and trapping dirt from footwear at the entrance thus preventing it from entering the building. 

Dura Flex 300 Rubber Scraper Entrance Mats are ideal for heavy duty applications at high traffic entrances. Though designed for outdoor use, the Dura Flex Scraper mats is quite useful for indoor use as well. Use the Dura Flex 300 mats anywhere where higher traction and safety against slip and fall hazards is crucial.

  • Dura Flex 300 Scraper Entrance Mats have a molded tread-surface face cleat design that is effective in scraping off tough dirt and grime from footwear.
  • Made of rubber, the Dura Flex Rubber Scraper Mats will not be damaged by heavy rain or snowfall, making it the perfect outdoor mat.
  • Effectively stores scraped off dirt and sand beneath shoe level preventing it from tracking indoors. 
  • Dura Flex 300 Rubber Scraper mats are incredibly easy to clean. Simply hose down and brush off the mats to ensure that they are ready to be used again.
  • These rubber mats are available in a neutral Black color that fits all environments
  • The Dura Flex 300 comes in a 3’ x 5’ (90cm x 150cm) standard size in a 8mm thickness
Face StyleMolded Tread-Surface Face Cleats
Sizes Available3’ x 5’
Total Height8mm

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