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Industrial Kitchen Mats have a textured-grip top surface, making them great for use in rougher work environments,including industrial kitchens, commercial workshops, garages, warehouses,and more. They are medically proven and found to be viable for over 10 years in the toughest commercial settings. These anti-fatigue mats decrease back, neck, leg and foot fatigue associated with long hours of standing. They also significantly improve morale and productivity of your employees by reducing pains and aches and reduce worker compensation costs associated with unergonic working conditions. These highly durable mats are designed to last a very long time and even come with a 5-year warranty.


  • Constructed with one-piece, 5/8" thick 100% polyurethane , these commercial anti-fatigue mat are nearly indestructible and will never bubble up, tear up or ripple due to breakdown of any bonding agent or glue used in joining.
  • These industrial mats offer the perfect combination of comfort, support and durability and, hence, are considered the "The Absolute Best". They come with a comprehensive 5-year commercial warranty.
  • No more costs or accidents associated with workers falling or slipping, as their 20-degree ADA-compliant beveled edges help prevent tripping and never curl or roll up. Furthermore, these commercial anti-fatigue mats have a slip-resistant top surface and a non-skid bottom.
  • The 3&#39 x 2&#39 size features a commercial bottom that includes non-slip strips and carpet grippers.
  • These anti-fatigue mats are flame- and heat-resistant up to 400°and are also resistant to punctures as well as chemicals.
  • Since these anti-fatigue mats are made of polyurethane, they will not compress, aor lose bounce and resiliency. Compared to other gel mats or foam mats out there, these mats will retain their shape and will not delaminate or curl up.
  • Easy to clean as they are stain- and dirt-resistant.
  • Constructed out of chemical-free materials, the mats are safe, non-toxic and free from PVC and BPA. As a result, they emit no noxious fumes.
  • The coating of these mats will not wear off, as they are made of naturally anti-microbial polyurethane.
  • Ideally, these mats can be used in any commercial setting: offices, factories, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, professional kitchens, retailers - any place where there is prolonged standing.
  • These anti-fatigue mats are exceptionally durable as they have been proven in the toughest commercial environments.
  • Industrial Kitchen Mats are 100% recyclable as they can be used to make other useful and viable products.






Backing3' x 2' size has non-slip strips and carpet grippers on the underside
Edging20-degree ADA-compliant beveled edge
ApplicationResidential, commercial and industrial
Total Height5/8"

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