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Natural Beehive Latex Back Jute Rug, an eco-friendly rug that's gorgeous with its handwoven beehive pattern. Allowing you to save the environment, the Natural Beehive Jute Rug also adds a natural and elegant twist to your home décor, will look great in the hallways or doors and be well-loved by all. Natural Beehive Latex Back Jute Rug is made from jute fibers harvested from the stem and outer skin of the jute plant making it strong, durable and highly sustainable. Natural Beehive Jute Rug is beautiful as it is functional.

  • Natural Beehive Jute Rugs are made of 100% jute fiber.
  • The beautiful and intricate beehive pattern is handwoven.
  • Natural Beehive Jute Rug is available with a non-skid latex backing.
  • They are ideal for indoor use of your house and is not washable.
  • This mat is available in 24" x 36", 2'x 3', 2' x 6', 5' x 7', 6' x 9' sizes and is 1/4" thick.

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