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The Ogee Embossed Weather Beater Mat has a lovely Moroccon design. High on functionality as well, the mat absorbs ice, snow, dirt, and debris, keeping the house clean and dry.

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***This doormat is out of stock until December 2019***

The ever famous Moroccan print is now on a mat that endures the test of time. The ogee border encases a ribbed mat surface that sure will do a good job of getting dirt, debris, snow, ice and water of shoe soles. Great for cities that see a lot of snowfall and rainy weather. Made from polypropylene, the Ogee Embossed Weather Beater Mat is tough and will last long. Place this mat inside or outside your house--it will do a great job no matter where it is placed. 

  • The Ogee Embossed Weather Beater Mat is beautifully designed and embossed.
  • This mat absorbs snow, ice, dirt and debris and dries quickly.
  • The mat will not fade or rot.
  • Crafted in India of heavy duty premium polypropylene for rugged durability
  • Size: 18 in. x 30 in.
  • Thickness: 6.5 mm.
Sizes Available18" x 30"

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