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Your doorway plays an important part in creating first impressions when people walk up to your home. Even though it can't really talk or extend their hand for a handshake, how the doorway looks says a lot about what guests can expect to see and experience once they go over the threshold.  

Make a statement and terrific impression with our elegant, sophisticated and premium coco doormat. And, the elegance and beauty of these thick coir doormats in no way diminishes it superior functionality. These mats are also very effective in keeping dirt and mud out of your home. Place the plain coco mat which comes with its single blue border and see the transformation! Give your guests a warm and elegant welcome to your home and leave a lasting first impression!

  • The plain coco doormats are made out of 100% natural and premium coir fibre
  • Great at scraping dirt and mud right off shoes; thus preventing dirt and mud from tracking inside the home.
  • Coir doormats are stain, rot and mildew resistant. Plus, they can be easily cleaned by a good shake or vacuuming.
  • These personalized doormats also make for a great for friends and family
  • 1.5" to 1.75" thick these mats are available in 6 sizes - 18" x 30", 22" x 36", 38" x 60"
  • We also have these mats in Brown, Green, Red, Black border color choices

Do note, these mat have a lead time of 1 to 2 weeks

For more information, please call 866-561-1921.


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