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Sisal mats are made from natural fibres that possess very durable properties, making an excellent quality mat. Sisal mats are notorious for their strength. As opposed to some synthetic mats, Sisal mats last much longer and still manage to maintain that brand new look. 

Sisal mats are also environmentally friendly, they are spun from naturally occurring sisal fibers that are harvested several times per year and do not harm the environment. The many colours, styles, weaves, and blends are the makings of a tough choice, as each is as beautiful as the next. 

If you are looking for a lot of stability in your Sisal Mat you might want to go with a coir blend.  If you want that distinct tropical look, you might want to consider going with a seagrass weave. There is a variety of weaves, and each gives off a different vibe. Many of the mats can be customized; you can order specific sizes that meet your needs.

Even in comparison to other natural fibres, Sisal is a great choice; Sisal is naturally stain resistant, meaning that if you have any big spills you won't need to use any harsh chemicals to remove them, making Sisal the perfect choice for families with children and pets, or for those of you that like to entertain.They can easily be cleaned with a vacuum or warm soap and water.

Sisal mats also make perfect wall rugs, for both residential and commercial settings, many use them as wall rugs because they are sound absorbing.They are also fire resistant, making them a safe alternative to your home.  Sisal is also naturally anti-static, so they will repel static electricity. All in all Sisal Mats are an excellent choice for your home or business, their durability and chic look makes them suitable for nearly any environment.

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