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Vinyl Back - Hello Gorgeous - Coir Doormat

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Oh! Hello there gorgeous!! Wait.... did a doormat just turn on the charm? Oh yes it did and how!

"Hello Gorgeous" coir doormat is made with premium coir fibres embedded into a vinyl backing. The sturdy vinyl backing gives this charmer of a doormat anti-slip benefits and also makes sure to reduce mat movement - so that your guests fall in love with it and not fall down because of it!.

  • Perfect for outdoor use, "Hello Gorgeous" coir doormat is sturdy and weather-proof, resistant to rot, mildew and stains.
  • There is less fibre shedding comparatively because the coir fibers are tightly embedded into the vinyl backing.
  • The rough top surface of the coir fibers makes it an effective scraper - removing dirt and debris from under shoes.
  • The design is stencil printed with biodegradable dye. The spray dye goes deep into the mat fibres for a fade resistant doormat.
  • "Hello Gorgeous" Doormat is available in a size 18" x 30".
  • Doormat is a low profile 5/8" thickness - perfect for low clearance entryways and prevents tripping or getting the door caught on the mat.
  • Easy to clean with a good shake or quick run down with a vacuum.
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly, long lasting, and affordable.
MaterialCoconut Husk Fibre
Sizes Available18" x 30"
Total Height5/8"
Total Weight5 lbs

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