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Vinyl Back - Bring Your Own Beer - Coir Doormat

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So ok.. we all have these so called "friends" (soon to be acquaintances) who excel at the art of free-loading! They show up, drink all your beer, have themselves a jolly good time and then leave you high and dry - not to mention beer-less! It is time we took matters into our hands and stopped these little beer thieves right at the door! And, we have just the right doormat to do the trick - our "Bring Your Own Beer" Doormat!

Not much to say about this doormat really.. it says it all.. get your own beer or get scramming the way you came! And while they are it make sure they get beer for you as well, for all the times you let them through the door for free. 

Now onto some doormat facts - just so you have yourself some added fun as you slam the door shut on those who cannot read the doormat!

  • Bring Your Own Beer Doormat is available in a size 18" x 30"
  • With a 5/8" thickness, this doormat provides the ideal solution for doorways with low clearance
  • Made from natural coir fibres that are tightly embedded into weather-proof vinyl backing
  • As they are tightly embedded into the backing these doormats are less prone to shedding as compared to traditional hand-woven thicker coco doormats
  • Coir is extremely durable and weather resistant, therefore these doormats are ideal as outdoor entry mats
  • The vinyl backing ensures the doormat does not curl up and makes them skid free (minimise injuries as you chase away the free-loaders)
  • Resistant to rot, mildew and stains
  • Its unique coir construction makes the doormat excellent dirt scrapers. Keeps your floors and carpets clean and safe by removing dirt and debris right at the doorstep.
  • Sharp and clear images are stencil printed with a biodegradable spray dye, these doormats are eco-friendly and fade resistant 
  • The natural brown color variation also gives them a quaint, rustic feel that will add charm to any home decor
  • Easy to clean - just give it a good shake or run down with a vacuum
  • These durable coir door mats are sustainable, eco-friendly, long lasting, and very affordable
Oh and before we forget - if you know of anyone who face the same problem as you, do a good deed and gift them this doormat! They will thank you with all their heart!!
MaterialCoconut Husk Fibre
Sizes Available18" x 30"
Total Height5/8"
Total Weight5 lbs

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